Apex Legends: ALGS 2024 Split 1 sets new viewership record

The first split of the global Apex Legends competition has already set new viewership records, based on Esports Charts’... Paolo | 7. May 2024

The first split of the global Apex Legends competition has already set new viewership records, based on Esports Charts’ data.

New information from the global esports statistics provider shows that the Apex Legends Global Series or ALGS 2024 Split 1 Playoffs garnered over 8.82 million total hours watched, making it the 5th-most watched Apex Legends event in history.


“The event benefited particularly from the long broadcasting time, which was longer than both the Split 1 and Split 2 Playoffs from 2023,” Esports Charts noted in its report.

Among the peak views, English broadcasts fared at over 307,000 peak views, while the Japanese-language broadcasts got close to 212,000 peak views.

Esports Charts’ data showed that the event culminated in the final round 8 of the Finals stage, reaching 567.6K peak viewers. 

“A large portion of these viewers came from Japanese audiences,” the organization noted. 


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The group also noted that by comparing ALGS 2024 to ALGS 2023, viewership was generally on the rise. “This 2024 Split 1 Playoffs event garnered a 27.6% higher watch time than last year’s, which was influenced by the Airtime metric rising by 41.7%: a byproduct of the new showmatch and the expanded Groups stage,” Esports Charts noted. 

Esports Charts also noted that the average viewers for the event fell by 9.9%, significantly influenced by the aforementioned showmatch which was a low point for the event’s overall viewership. The Group Stage for the 2024 edition recorded slightly lower average viewers, due to the expanded nature of the stage which added an extra 11 and a half hours to the broadcasting time.  

However, despite the new changes which negatively influenced the average viewership, the 2024 Split 1 Playoffs recorded a peak viewership 4.4% higher than the previous year. At 567.6K Peak Viewers, this event was the fifth-most-popular Apex Legends esports event ever: falling behind only the Split 2 Playoffs of 2022 and 2022, and these years’ respective Championship events.

“If the event was held in a better location for European and Asian fans’ viewing, the event would have likely been even more popular. If the remaining two major international events for the 2024 ALGS calendar are held in more suitable time zones for these fans, and if the events can draw the community casting viewership power they previously enjoyed, 2024 may be the most successful year for Apex Legends esports yet,” the global esports statistics provider noted.

Data from Chinese platforms have been excluded due to the unreliability of streaming data.

More information can be found on the Esports Charts website at escharts.com.