Radu M. | 28. November 2022

Team BDS are the winners of Six Jönköping Major 2022

Six Jönköping Major 2022 was a very exciting R6 Siege tournament that featured lots of hyped matches and some of the world’s best teams. The winners were Team BDS and the French team completely deserved their victory over Team Liquid.

For those who don’t follow Rainbow Six Siege, this result may have come out of the blue. But anyone who watched BDS compete at Gamers8 back in August this year knew that they were one of the strongest teams in Europe.

Impressions from the tournament

The group stage of Six Jönköping Major 2022 was nothing like the playoffs. In this phase of the tournament, teams like Liquid, w7m esports, Wolves Esports, and Soniqs dominated their groups.

The competitors were divided into four groups and each of them had at least one team that outshined the rest. BDS was not among those teams. In fact, they nearly didn’t qualify for the playoffs, ending the group stage with three clean victories and three clean defeats. Meanwhile, their group rival w7m finished with six clean victories.

This was the most dominant team of the group stage and to some degree, their excellent performance would continue in the playoffs as well. In the quarterfinals, w7m defeated Black Dragons e-Sports with ease: 7-2 on Theme Park and 7-3 on Villa. After the match, everyone was convinced that w7m would be the champions.

BDS had a tougher match against Wolves Esports, a competitor who had ended the group stage with an impressive record: 3-2-0-1 (13 points). The battle was close but BDS managed to win both maps: 7-4 on Oregon and 7-5 on Kafe Dostoyevsky.

The other two winners of the quarterfinals were Soniqs (2-1) and Team Liquid (2-0). Both matches were tough and some of the maps required quite a few rounds to conclude.

In the semifinals, Soniqs were defeated by BDS despite winning the first map. After this result, the crowd started to cheer for BDS a lot more than before. It was obvious that the French players, despite being regarded by many as underdogs, were actually quite strong. Their victory at the Riyadh tournament hadn’t been a fluke.

In the second semifinal, Team Liquid showed great determination against w7m. After winning the first map (7-4 on Clubhouse), they went on to lose the second map without scoring a single point. This result convinced the audience that they were doomed before the third map began. But Liquid fought hard and managed to win (8-6).

In the Grand Final, BDS easily won the first map, lost the next two, and then won the final two. The score was 3-2 in their favor and this victory brought them $200.000 and 375 points.

Header: ESL, Ubisoft