League of Legends Clash returns next week

At the beginning of 2023, we heard that Riot Games suffered a cyber-attack, and a group of hackers managed... Eduardo | 4. March 2023

At the beginning of 2023, we heard that Riot Games suffered a cyber-attack, and a group of hackers managed to steal the source code of League of Legends and TeamFight Tactics. In addition, a few days later, these hackers sold this source code for a huge amount of money through the black market.

Undoubtedly, this hacking suffered by Riot generated different inconveniences; one was in the weekly development of the famous game update patches. But, on the other hand, it also affected the Clash roadmap, the 5v5 tournament that players can play with their friends and are very popular in the community.

Clash returns after more than two months of wait

As we mentioned, the cyber-attacks suffered by Riot Games and the Clash roadmap for this season were delayed. So much so that we had several weeks without any news about it, but this wait is over. A few hours ago, the rioter Spideraxe spread an image in his social networks with the dates of the next Clash that will arrive in League of Legends.

However, a few minutes later, the game developers themselves published the return of the Clash on their official blog.

“Clash is back! Just a little bit later than usual this year. To give you the time to coordinate your teams, here is our planned tournament schedule for the first ranked Split of the year! With the change to a two-split year, we’ll also aim to release the Clash schedules alongside the Split start moving forward. GLHF!”

The Clashes are about to start

For the first Split, the rioters have planned six Clashes, which start next week, and the last one will be played in mid-June. Below, we will show you the list of the Clashes, with their respective names and all the dates you should know, such as registration dates and game weekends.

Bilgewater Cup

Week 1

  • Registration Date: March 6
  • Game days: March 11 and 12

Week 2

  • Check-in date: March 20
  • Game days: March 25 and 26

Mr. Targon Cup

Week 1

  • Check-in date: April 3
  • Game Days: April 8th and 9th

Week 2

  • Registration Date: April 17
  • Game days: April 22 and 23

The cup name is to be confirmed

Week 1

  • Check-in date: May 1
  • Game days: May 6 and 7

Week 2

  • Registration Date: May 8
  • Game Days: May 13 & 14

Bandle City Cup

Week 1

  • Check-in date: May 29
  • Game Days: June 3 and June 4

Week 2

  • Check-in date: June 12
  • Game Days: June 17th and 18th

Now, since the League of Legends ranked season has been divided into two cycles, the launch of the Clashes coincides perfectly with this schedule. This means that the start of the second cycle of the LoL ranked season will also be the start of the second Clash division.

Header: Riot Games