Stewie2K and yay together in Disguised?

Popular VALORANT content creator and former CS:GO player Jake “Stewie2K,” Yip said he came very close to playing alongside... Eduardo | 14. April 2023

Popular VALORANT content creator and former CS:GO player Jake “Stewie2K,” Yip said he came very close to playing alongside Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker in Disguised.

Since Stewie2K announced his retirement from the competitive CS:GO scene, he has had no luck finding an organization to play at the highest level in the VALORANT scene, so the player has consistently stayed on his streams. However, in some unofficial tournaments and qualifiers for the Challengers scene, Stewie2K has participated with random lineups without much seriousness.

Stewie2K may have played alongside yay in Disguised

In one of his live streams, Stewie2K mentioned to all his fans that he was very close to signing with Disguised to play alongside yay. Also, the player mentioned that he had turned down offers from other teams.

As we can see in the video, Stewie2K explains that he tried his luck in the trials that Disguised Toast was conducting for his VALORANT Challengers team. According to the streamer, while he was analyzing an offer he had from FaZe Clan, Disguised’s coach, Kyle “OCEAN” O’Brien, told him to try out with the team to see if he could play alongside yay.

In the stream, Stewie mentions that since he knew some players, he felt more comfortable and decided to try out with the team. Then, the streamer said he was asked to test for two days, and according to him, he had a good performance and performance on the servers. In addition, after the practice, he contacted yay for feedback, and yay gave him very good comments.

However, after two days of practicing with the team, the former CS:GO player was approached by OCEAN, and told that he would probably not pass the test. And the fact is, Disguise was performing different tests with other players before the start of Split 2.

Finally, Stewie2K ends by mentioning that he is sure he and yay would have made a great team.

Disguised announces the departure of Damion “XXiF” Cook

Last April 10, Disguised officially announced yay as their fifth player for the VCL NA Split 2. There is no doubt that this move, besides strengthening their lineup, will garner more attention in VALORANT’s Challengers scene. However, Disguised Toast revealed that there would be another change before the start of Split 2.

Well, the information was true, as a few hours ago, they announced the departure of XXiF from the team’s lineup.

The Canadian was a flexible player in the lineup who had shown great skills as Initiator and Sentinel during Split 1 and Mid-Season Face Off. XXiF played Intitator and Sentinel roles for DSG during Split 1 and the Mid-Season Face-Off of VCL.

With the departure of XXiF, the doors are again open for a fifth player in the Disguised lineup, and it’s not entirely unreasonable to think that Stewie2K could take that place. However, we must wait for official information from the team because, as we mentioned, they had also been testing with other players.

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