Harrison | 21. November 2022

South American players still not paid DPC Tour 3 money

The start of a new journey is upon Dota 2, as teams are finally locking their rosters in for the upcoming 2022-2023 DPC season. While there are a lot of news surrounding the ongoing rostermania, there are also concerning news coming from the South American region. 

Recently, Heitor “Duster” Liberado Pereira, who has been playing for the South American region since 2016 and is regarded as a veteran player in the South American community, has shared that the players haven’t yet received their DPC Tour 3 paycheck from 4D Esports. 

Founded in 2019, 4D Esports is a joint-venture between casters and tournament organisers that is in charge of hosting all DPC Tours for both Division I and Division II teams in South America region.

Surprisingly not surprising 

Although statements like this are unfortunately not that surprising in the Dota 2 community, cases like this happen less frequently with Valve’s involvement.

The last instance when something like this happened was in the 2017-2018 season at GESC. Valve eventually stepped in and filed a lawsuit for $750,000 with the High Court of Republic of Singapore and discontinued its partnership with the tournament organiser. However, affected parties in legal actions like this take a long time to receive their payment.

On the brighter side, this doesn’t mean that 4D Esports will not be paying their players, but payment could be late because the organisers may be having some issues within their organisation on how to pay out the promised payment. 

Tournament prize pools are usually paid out within 30 days, with the maximum duration being 90 days. However, Duster’s tweet states that he hasn’t been paid since the third round of DPC tour ended, which was four months ago.

Jeanne “Gorgc” Stefanovski, who is playing on Team Bald Reborn from WEU region, has reportedly experienced similar issues. Fortunately for him, the payment arrived last month, as he stated when addressing the issue during his recent stream.

Hopefully a promising dawn

The situation is concerning as the outcome of the situation could have a major impact on the region’s Dota 2 scene. Moreover, with the rumours of South America getting their first ever Major in Peru, fans and players will be keeping an eye on how this situation will be resolved. 

Header: Facebook/Heitor “Duster” Pereira