Riot Games respond to feedback, make changes to the upcoming Riot ID systems

Taking community feedback into account, Riot Games has reverted its planned changes to the name change system, so players... Shubh | 18. November 2023

Taking community feedback into account, Riot Games has reverted its planned changes to the name change system, so players will no longer need to pay to change their Riot IDs

With an upgrade in place to migrate all accounts to Riot IDs, Riot stated last month that Summoner Names in League will be retired effectively on November 20. After the new Riot-ID system goes live, all players will have one free name change following the transition to make sure they are happy with the Riot ID and tag they select.

According to Riot Games’ official statement, users are only permitted to alter their names once a year via the Riot Games Account page on the company’s website. If you would like to make the change more quickly, you will need to pay around $10 in in-game cash for an additional name change.

The League of Legends and VALORANT communities were offended by the announcement, and many expressed their outrage on social media. Before this, League players could change their Summoner Names instantly for Blue Essence or RP, while VALORANT players had to wait 30 days to change their Riot ID, albeit they were able to do so for free.Riot came under fire from fans who felt pushed towards unwelcome alterations and expressed disappointment with the modifications. This led Riot to make the decision to veer away from its original intentions and hit the reverse paddle.

Riot reverse the changes to the name system 

Players will now have an ID tag next to their in-game names as part of the updated Riot ID system, much like Valorant, however changing your Riot ID won’t cost you anything. In addition, Riot has reduced the duration of the “name-change” window, enabling players to modify their Riot ID every 90 days as opposed to 365. When there are several players in the game with the same name, Riot will show the hashtag. You can also see it when you hover over the person on the scoreboard.

VALORANT players will need to wait 90 days with the new method, although they will not be charged to modify their Riot ID. League players will no longer need to use Blue Essence or RP to change their name, but they must wait at least 90 days to do so.  According to Riot Games, further policy revisions may be forthcoming, depending upon the outcome and reception of current modifications. Fans have so far found the new Riot ID system to be acceptable, and they have also valued Riot’s responsiveness to their feedback.

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