CDL Major IV location Revealed

Even though the online qualifiers for the CDL Major III are still ongoing and we are some time away... Eduardo | 24. February 2023

Even though the online qualifiers for the CDL Major III are still ongoing and we are some time away from the start of the main event, the Call of Duty League has decided to announce the location and schedule of the CDL Major IV.

While this is good news for many, as we now know the dates and location where the tournament will be played, it has not been pleasant news for many fans. The Call of Duty League has published in the official announcement that the CDL Major IV will not have the participation of a live audience. Undoubtedly, this has not gone down well with fans who love attending live events.

The CDL Major IV will be played in Columbus, Ohio

As announced on the official Call of Duty League Twitter account, Major IV will be played from April 20-23, 2023, in Columbus, Ohio. As it has been in the previous three Majors, the three weekends before the main event will consist of online qualifiers. In addition, they stressed that the live public would return for Major V to be played in Toronto.

No other host was found for CDL Major IV

The official schedule before the start of the season had the New York Subliners hosting the CDL Major IV. However, the team resigned from hosting this event, citing “various circumstances” which forced the CDL to find a host for the fourth Major of the season.

The CDL could not count on one of the 12 CDL teams to host the event. That’s why they decided to do it from a studio in Columbus, Ohio. That is why the CDL Major IV will not have a live audience, but this does not mean there will be no more LAN events this season. As mentioned, Major V will be played in Toronto, as usual, in a LAN environment with a live audience.

Daniel Tsay, the CDL commissioner, said:

“We discussed Major IV options in the last community update and appreciate the patience as we work on our evaluation. We would love to have a crowd, but it is difficult to execute in a short period of time. Keeping the event on LAN was paramount.”

On the other hand, Tsay also talked about the changes to the game schedules and said:

“Wanted to explain the schedule change. Previously we moved up Major IV a week due to NY venue availability, resulting in a 2-week bye after Major IV. Now we will go back to the original schedule of 2-week mid-season break and the usual 1-week bye between Majors.”

On the other hand, the decision to hold Major IV in Ohio has not been to the community’s liking.

NYSL content creator Tucker responded to the Tweet with sarcasm:

“Cheers son’s crying. Nice one.”

As mentioned, the online qualifiers for CDL Major III are underway and will continue with action-packed matches this weekend.

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