Fragster | 26. June 2021

PUBG – Susquehanna Soniqs have won the PCS 4: Americas

The Susquehanna Soniqs have won the PUBG Continental Series 4: Americas. The PUBG Continental Series 4 tournament has come to an end after months of battles. 16 of the best teams from North and South America had the chance to earn the PGC points which they needed to qualify for the PUBG Global Championship in November. There was also a total of $250,000 up for grabs. In the end, Soniqs emerged as the glorious winners of the competition.

Incredible strong Soniqs are dominating

The competition went on for 3 weeks and Soniqs dominated every single one of them. For each week, they received $20,000. As the champion of series 4, they received an additional $20,000, giving them a total of $80,000.
Right behind Soniqs were Dodge in second place and Oath Gaming came third. Both received $27,000 each. Dignitas landed on fourth place, receiving $22,000, and TSM on the fifth place was walking home with $20,000.

In the final week of the PUBG Continental Series, Soniqs and Dodge each won four rounds, while TSM won two. Soniqs also received a $5,000 “Insane Squad” bonus, and Australian James “TGLTN” Giezen received an additional $5,000 as the event’s kill leader.

Here are the final standings of the PUBG Continental Series 4: Americas, including prize money and PUBG Global Championship points:
1. Susquehanna Soniqs, 80.000$, 450 Punkte
2. Dodge, 27.000$, 270 Punkte
3. Oath Gaming, 27.000$, 215 Punkte
4. Dignitas, 22.000$, 180 Punkte
5. TSM, 20.000$, 145 Punkte
6. Enrage Esports, 18.000$, 105 Punkte
7. Guadalajara Gascans, 12.000$, 90 Punkte
8. Trogloditas, 8.000$, 75 Punkte
9. A Creche, 5.000$, 55 Punkte
10. 303 Esports, 4.000$, 55 Punkte
11. Wildcard Gaming, 4.000$, 40 Punkte
12. Spacestation Gaming, 3.000$, 40 Punkte
13. eUnited, kein Geld, 25 Punkte
14. Team Veritas, kein Geld, 25 Punkte
15. Latin Dominus, kein Geld, 15 Punkte
16. 22 Esports, kein Geld, 15 Punkte