Muerta is out and comes with a bug

Fans are unhappy with the few changes in the Dead Reckoning update, especially given the news that Dota 2... Maria | 8. March 2023

Fans are unhappy with the few changes in the Dead Reckoning update, especially given the news that Dota 2 patch 7.33 may be delayed. While patch 7.32e only seems like a minor balance patch to try and alleviate some of the fundamental flaws in the game’s current state, the disappointment seems to overshadow the latest addition to Dota 2’s roster, Dead Reckoning.

Additionally, one particular bug has been circulating on Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube, adding a bit of comic relief to what otherwise seems like a dark time in Dota 2’s history, similar to Muerta’s narrative.

Coincidentally, this bug is related to Muerta herself, the newest member of the Dota 2 roster who carries more than just her baggage. A specific sector of the online community has undoubtedly grown fond of this bug because it expands Muerta’s character model to absurd proportions.

Incorporation of Muerta into the game

With the addition of Muerta, the game now has 124 characters. Muerta presents as a hero with ranged Intelligence, an uncommon trait in Dota 2. Lina and Nature’s Prophet also share this Intelligence hero role.

If we look at the skill set, it is easy to deduce that Muerta prioritizes damage. Leaving control in second place. The talent is exceptionally effective against lone targets or in team fights thanks to its consequential time-scalable damage and an additional fear effect. In addition, the disruption can break enemy formations, leaving them vulnerable to a counterattack.

In addition, Muerta is a zoning hero thanks to her slowness and silence. Her damage output increases when she incapacitates two enemies during combat due to her passive ability.

Finally, her ultimate ability is a powerful steroid that grants Muerta ethereal abilities. It generates additional flat damage that increases in ethereal units simultaneously. It is the ideal balance between attack and defense, allowing her to inflict much damage without taking risks.

However, since the arrival of Muerta in the game, the character has been presenting a bug. Sometimes, the size growth can be so absurd that it overshadows the previously huge combo of Undying + BKB + Bloodlust + Giant’s Ring. The extent of this error can be seen in action.

Bug in Muerta

The bug in Muerta is pretty evident, so maybe it will be fixed soon. However, it is annoying when the character model blocks over half of the screen. Especially when dealing with demanding games such as playoffs.

Muerta size bug, model fails to shrink back down after being affected by bloodlust/bkb. from DotA2

While this problem can sometimes be amusing, the most recent Dota 2 patch is less so. Even though Valve mentioned on March 6 the upcoming improvements. Everyone is surprised we would receive patch 7.33 instead of balance patch 7.32e. Unfortunately, the minor improvements for heroes were insufficient to compensate for the more significant problems in the current meta.

Because of this, patch 7.32e was a mere ghost of what we had anticipated, causing utter consternation throughout the community. We will update you on any significant changes as soon as Valve reveals additional details about its upcoming major patch.

Header: Valve