PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 Playoffs Stage Is Set

The grueling Elimination Stage of the first Counter-Strike: 2 Major has come to an end. The tournament started with... Owen | 24. March 2024

The grueling Elimination Stage of the first Counter-Strike: 2 Major has come to an end. The tournament started with 24 teams, but now, only 8 remain. 

The Top Eight

The Copenhagen Major Playoffs will feature seven out of the top ten teams in the world:

  • FaZe Clan (Rank #1 in the world)
  • Team Spirit (Rank #2 in the world)
  • Team Vitality (Rank #3 in the world)
  • MOUZ (Rank #4 in the world)
  • G2 Esports (Rank #5 in the world)
  • Natus Vincere (Rank #6 in the world)
  • Cloud9 (Rank #9 in the world)
  • Eternal Fire (Rank #13 in the world)

The only team missing from the top ten is Virtus.pro, who faced a heartbreaking elimination against G2. 

Eternal Fire is the lowest-ranked team, and isn’t even in the top ten. We all know who the biggest underdog is coming into the main stage. 

Playoff Bracket Revealed

Tournament organizers PGL already drew the matchups for the first round of the Playoffs. 


Image: PGL

Cloud9 vs. Team Vitality

The two teams have already had history, going back to the PGL Copenhagen RMR B. Cloud9 and Team Vitality met in the 2-0 pool, with Cloud9 taking the series 2-1 to qualify for the Major before Vitality did. 

Team Vitality has not been playing great Counter-Strike, which was admitted by the team’s in-game leader, apEx. There is strong potential for Cloud9 to take the win, but ZywOo on a good day should push Vitality to win the series. 

Team Spirit vs. FaZe Clan

The matchup between the first and second ranked teams in the world should have been saved for later, but alas, the IEM Katowice Grand Final matchup will be played in the first round. 

Team Spirit has had FaZe’s number since donk joined the fray, and the Eastern European squad has been looking super dominant in the tournament so far. On the other hand, FaZe barely scraped past the elimination stage. 

The international squad’s big-game players such as rain will have to step up, or Team Spirit will look to mop the floor with FaZe. 

Eternal Fire vs. Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere arguably received the easiest draw among the remaining teams in contention. Though Na’Vi finished 3-2 in the Elimination Stage, they lost to Team Spirit and Cloud9, two of the scariest teams in the event thus far.

Though Eternal Fire has been around for a while, they have never made it to the Playoff stage in any Major, so the Na’Vi roster is ahead in terms of experience. Na’Vi should take the series, but you don’t know what XANTARES is capable of when he’s feeling good. 

MOUZ vs. G2 Esports

The young MOUZ roster made a statement in the tournament’s Elimination Stage, demolishing all oppositions to go 3-0. Meanwhile, G2 had difficulty getting past the groups, and it could be argued that they shouldn’t be here in the first place.

If the two teams continue to play like how they have been performing, MOUZ should easily win the series. But, G2 will have a few days to prepare and reset. A determining factor is Jimpphat, MOUZ’s 17-year-old who has never played on a Major stage before. If the nerves get to him, G2 could snatch the series away. 

The Playoffs for the first CS2 Major will resume on the 28th of March, and end on the 31st. 

Header: Cloud9