Legends of Runeterra | New Noxus Followers Revealed! [Ruination]

As expected, there’s a brand new batch of cards for us to break down! This time around we’ve gotten... | 10. July 2021

As expected, there’s a brand new batch of cards for us to break down! This time around we’ve gotten a glimpse at three novel followers from Noxus, all of which are tied to the upcoming LoR Ruination event!

Now, three cards — at least in terms of sheer volume — aren’t anything worth writing home about. Then again, Noxus-based decks haven’t gotten a whole lot of love lately, so this is definitely a nice (and long overdue) addition to the game. How big of a splash they’ll make still remains to be seen, but there’s ample potential, that’s for sure!

So, as always, let’s take a closer look!

LoR Ruination Event | Noxus Support At Long Last

Ruined Reckoner is a 4 mana unit with 4 | 3. Once summoned, it’ll create a Midnight Raid in your hand. The stat line isn’t anything overly impressive. The effect, however, is.

Midnight Raid is a 0 mana Slow spell that’ll allow an allied unit to start a free attack.

Retired Reckoner is a 5 mana unit with 2 | 6 and Overwhelm. Whenever you happen to target it, Retired Reckoner will gain +1 | 0.

Combining free attacks with Overwhelm is obviously a surefire recipe for success! And, well, it’s a brute force method that is so often employed by Noxian decks. Moreover, Ruined Reckoner is obviously geared towards enabling Draven even further by providing him with a simple and effective way of leveling up. Additionally, Riven decks are also bound to get a solid boost — along with a couple of new potential pairings! But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.

This has just been a short little foretaste of what’s to come. More support cards are bound to be unveiled over the coming days and, who knows, maybe even another champion! In any case, we’ll be back with more coverage. In the meantime, make sure to log in, queue up, and start grinding as these cards won’t come cheap!