BUSINESS: FaZe Media launches as creator-driven media company

GameSquare Holdings, the new parent company of Faze Clan, has announced the formation of a new creator-led IP and... Paolo | 16. May 2024

GameSquare Holdings, the new parent company of Faze Clan, has announced the formation of a new creator-led IP and internet media company named FaZe Media.

The move, the disclosure says, aims to combine the FaZe content creator roster and non-esports related assets into this new company.

“FaZe Media is focused on building on the value of the FaZe brand IP and returning creative control of the brand to its founding leaders who made the FaZe brand an internet media juggernaut,” the statement reads.

It adds, “Refreshing the roster of creator talent and developing compelling content with the internet’s favorite personalities will enable FaZe Media to become a valuable media company within the creator economy. FaZe Media will seek to expand the licensing and sponsorship opportunities for the FaZe brand across many categories, as well as deliver product, merchandise, in real life, online events and more under the FaZe brand.”

The said company got a US$11 million worth of new investment capital from Draft Kings founder Matt Kalish, who also sits on the Board of Faze Media.

Kalish says, “My investment in FaZe Media and decision to join its board is a vote of confidence in the leadership and generational creative talent of CEO FaZe Banks, as well as that of FaZe’s founders and creator roster. I believe this team, with the support of GameSquare’s capabilities and infrastructure, can relaunch the FaZe brand and restore it to the gaming and internet culture juggernaut the founders had originally created.”

Gamesquare CEO Justin Kenna stated, “Since completing the acquisition of FaZe Clan, we have focused on returning FaZe’s founders to reboot their brand and reestablish its authenticity. We are thrilled to better capitalize this business for growth with $11 million in new capital from Matt, and to strengthen the FaZe Media board with his addition. Matt deeply believes in the power of founder and creator-led organizations and shares the vision to return FaZe back to its roots by empowering its creators.”

Meanwhile, FaZe Media CEO FaZe Banks stated, “Grateful for the opportunity at a genuine reset with FaZe Clan. Anyone that’s actually tapped in can agree, this was long overdue. We’ve prioritized pretty much exclusively on creating a fun environment that we (as FaZe members) can find passion in, be excited about, look forward to. Do things we find interesting, exploring opportunities in content we feel are important/ relevant to our culture/ community. Partnering with Matt Kalish & GameSquare has proven paramount in this vision coming to fruition. Slowly, but surely. Exciting.”