League of Legends Wild Rift: New Champions Update

Summoners, brace yourselves – the mists of the Shadow Isles are creeping onto the Rift. Riot Games has unleashed... Stalingrad | 12. April 2024

Summoners, brace yourselves – the mists of the Shadow Isles are creeping onto the Rift. Riot Games has unleashed its latest Wild Rift patch, Version 5.1, and it’s bringing some spooky new content inspired by the Ruination lore.

Headlining the 5.1 patch is the highly anticipated debut of Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance – a deadly new marksman straight from the haunted Shadow Isles. But that’s just the start of the shadowy offerings coming to the mobile MOBA.

Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance Arrives

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For those unacquainted with League’s rich lore, Kalista is the undying spirit of retribution itself. Once a revered warrior of the Blessed Isles, she was betrayed and condemned to an eternity of torment. Now, as a terrifying wraith, she hunts down deceivers and oathbreakers, binding their souls to hers via unholy pacts.

On the Rift, Kalista takes on the marksman role as a fierce lane bully with deceptive mobility thanks to her ability to endlessly bind the souls of fallen foes to her Sentinel’s Sickle. Carefully managing her spear’s trajectory while kiting and zoning enemies is the key to mastering this vengeful mistress of the mists.

For Wild Rift players eager to unlock Kalista’s full tragic backstory, Patch 5.1 also introduces the Ruination: Kalista’s Odyssey event. Here, you’ll unveil new narrative comics detailing how the Blessed Isle fell into darkness, transforming into the nightmarish Shadow Isles as we know it.

A Feast Befitting the Shadow Isles

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Of course, no major content update would be complete without new loot to collect. The Wild Rift 5.1 patch is delivering a tantalizing new skin line alongside its flagship additions.

First up is the delectable new Food Spirits Fizz skin featured in the Wild Pass progression system. Ascend Fizz to new culinary heights as you progress, ultimately unlocking the Ascended Food Spirits Fizz skin at level 75.

The Wild Pass Emporium is also restocking with the fan-favorite Hexplorer skin line for Galio, Shyvana, and Tristana. Alongside them, the celestial Stargazer Karma and Ascended Stargazer Karma skins are making a limited-time return.

Prepare for Ranked Season 13

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In addition to all the new champions and cosmetics, Patch 5.1 signals the fresh start of Ranked Season 13 on the Rift. As an added incentive to grind the ranked ladder, the regal new Glorious Crown Braum skin awaits those who achieve the highest tiers.

And if that’s not enough, the Ranked Store is resurrecting the Glorious Armada Jarvan IV skin from Season 10 for players looking to bolster their heroic heritage with a touch of armored brilliance.  

Other Notable Patch Changes

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Beyond the marquee Kalista release and new Ranked season, Patch 5.1 is implementing some other noteworthy balance changes sure to shake up the current Wild Rift meta:

  • Aurelion Sol’s early-to-mid-game star-forging power has been reined in, but he’ll scale harder into late-game 
  • Fiora can now cast Riposte during her dash Lunge for smoother ability combos
  • Jhin’s Virtuoso performance will pack less of a punch thanks to some needed damage nerfs
  • Master Yi gets new tricks like reduced Meditate and ability cooldowns to help him safely dive and disengage 
  • Urgot sees health scaling and base AD nerfs to curb his late-game tank dominance
  • Zyra’s spitters will shrug off more ability damage to remain a persistent threat

Between the bevy of graphical updates, fresh lore content, and constant gameplay balancing, it’s clear Riot is committed to keeping the Wild Rift experience vibrant and endlessly replayable for its mobile player base.  

Prepare to Battle the Ruination

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Overall, the League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 5.1 update is shaping up to be one of the most substantial content drops yet for Riot’s mobile MOBA spinoff. Between the tantalizing new Kalista champion, the return of an iconic skin line, and the lurking shadow of the Ruination event, there’s no shortage of new stuff to sink your talons into.

Veterans of the full League experience will surely delight in finally getting to experience the same grim, haunting mystique of the Shadow Isles on the mobile Rift. For newcomers, Patch 5.1 represents a perfect time to join the sinister struggle between light and dark unfolding in Runeterra.

So whether you’re a diehard League fan eagerly anticipating Kalista or a mobile MOBA enthusiast looking for a new challenge, now’s the hour to once again answer the call of the Rift and battle the Black Mist. Just try not to lose your soul to the Spear of Vengeance in the process.