FURIA Esports’ miraculous victory at Elisa Masters Espoo 2023

It seems that FalleN’s signing is starting to pay off for FURIA Esports. The Brazilians won their first important... Radu M. | 4. December 2023

It seems that FalleN’s signing is starting to pay off for FURIA Esports. The Brazilians won their first important tournament in almost two and a half years. The previous event they won was Elisa Invitational Summer 2021, which makes this victory even more emotional.

In 2022, FURIA came close to winning two tournaments of the highest caliber: ESL Pro League S15 and IEM Rio Major. Their run ended each time in the semifinals, but now they finally managed to give their fans something to cheer for.

Elisa Masters Espoo 2023 was an A-tier tournament that featured great teams like ENCE, MOUZ, and Complexity, so FURIA’s win is nothing short of spectacular. After this success, their global ranking should improve significantly. At the moment, FURIA is ranked 16th. A year ago, they were ranked 5th. They can’t climb that high yet, but winning this event was a good start.

How FURIA won Elisa Masters Espoo 2023

FURIA started the tournament in group B, where they defeated Complexity in their first match. The score was 8 – 13 on Ancient and the best player on the server was arT: 21 – 10 / 1.64.

The next match was against Apeks, who demolished them: 13 – 7 on Inferno and 13 – 3 on Vertigo. At that point, it seemed like FURIA would not qualify for the playoffs because they had to beat MOUZ (ranked 3rd in the world) in the decider match. But they won against all odds: 13 – 11 on Mirage and 13 – 7 on Ancient.

KSCERATO had an excellent performance, ending the match with a personal score of 37 – 29 / 1.41.

In the semifinals, FURIA had an easy opponent. HAVU Gaming had miraculously won group A despite being the worst team in the group. FURIA defeated them very quickly: 7 – 13 on Mirage and 1 – 13 on Nuke. Once again, KSCERATO was outstanding: 34 – 14 / 1.64. He also received a lot of help from yuurih, whose score was 29 – 18 / 1.51.

In the Grand Final, FURIA encountered Apeks again, the same team that 2- 0ed them in the group stage. The battle was hard from start to finish, as demonstrated by the scores: 13 – 9 on Inferno, 7 – 13 on Ancient, 13 – 9 on Vertigo, and 13 – 9 on Mirage.

FURIA was carried by chelo, KSCERATO, and FalleN. All three of them had decent scores and proved that they deserved to be part of the best Brazilian team of the last several years.

Header: FURIA Esports