dupreeh Reunites With Magisk And zonic At Team Falcons

Five-time Major winner, Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen, has been announced to be the last piece of the Team Falcons roster... Owen | 27. March 2024

Five-time Major winner, Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen, has been announced to be the last piece of the Team Falcons roster after the benching of Mohammad “BOROS” Malhas. The veteran will meet his former teammate Emil “Magisk” Reif and coach Danny “zonic” Sørensen.

Failures At Preasy Esports

After being removed from the Major-winning Team Vitality roster for Shahar “flameZ” Shushan, dupreeh found himself in a massive downgrade, playing for Danish organization Preasy Esport. During his time in the team, dupreeh could only play in online Tier 3 tournaments and wouldn’t win all of their matches either.

Preasy finally got their big break at the PGL Copenhagen Major RMR B to attempt a Major qualification in their home country. Unfortunately, dupreeh would miss his first-ever Counter-Strike Major, after 19 appearances, because Preasy lost to Guild Eagles and ended their run 1-3 in the Swiss Stage.

It was clear that a player of dupreeh’s caliber did not deserve to be in a team like Preasy, and the community was sending a lot of backlash to his teammates for underperforming and not stepping up. 

Team Falcons Did Not Enjoy The RMR Either

After going through a massive reshuffle, Team Falcons were set to play in IEM Katowice 2024 for their first big LAN together. Though the roster seemed shaky, they managed to make it out of the Group Stage to make a Playoffs appearance.

In the Playoffs, Team Falcons defeated ENCE to reach the Semi Final, where they eventually lost to the tournament winners, Team Spirit, to finish 3-4th place. Overall, the lineup showed a lot of promise.

However, they could not replicate their success in the PGL Copenhagen Major RMR A. After going 1-0, Team Falcons had to face FaZe Clan and Eternal Fire, losing both games to go 1-2. This did not look too bad, as the two teams were favored to make it through, but Team Falcons dropped the ball and lost to AMKAL, a team they should have never lost to.

Shifting The Blame On BOROS

Team Falcons released a vlog on their YouTube channel covering their run at the PGL RMR. It was revealed that their young star player, Mohammad “BOROS” Malhas, decided to change his mouse and in-game settings during the RMR.

When the team found out, they were furious as he tried such a risky move during one the most important tournaments of the year. BOROS changing his mouse led him to miss easy shots, resulting in his teammates getting extremely tilted about the situation. Eventually, BOROS was removed from the roster.

The community was outraged that veteran personalities in the Falcons squad would gang up on the team’s youngest player and shift most of the blame towards him. The organization also received a lot of backlash for uploading the footage in the first place.

Getting The Best Counter-Strike Player On Loan Didn’t Work Either

After their disappointing run at the RMR, Team Falcons announced a one-month loan for Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev to play in the team throughout the BLAST Spring Showdown. However, Team Falcons were eliminated in the first round of the single elimination bracket to Metizport, a team of Swedish prospects. 

Three of the Metizport players were only playing professional part-time, as they were still finishing high school. This was a massive upset, and the Falcons clearly had some issues to fix. Following another failure, s1mple’s loan ended with the team only playing one match, and there was an empty spot in the team, which as we know now, was taken by dupreeh.

What Can dupreeh Bring To The Team?

When it comes to contribution to a team, dupreeh’s capabilities and portfolio cannot be doubted. He is the most successful Counter-Strike player in the world. Though his aim may not look as good as his prime, dupreeh can definitely bring value to the team in one way or another. 

The entirety of the current Team Falcons roster is filled with experienced players who have played on the world’s biggest stage. They no longer have a naive, young player to blame for unprofessionalism, so the Falcons roster has to work now. If the Falcons do not string results anytime soon, it seems like they never will.