Revenant onboard Bollywood star Tiger Shroff as investor

Tiger Shroff, a well-known name in Bollywood, has strategically invested in Revenant Esports, bridging the gap between the emerging... Shubh | 30. May 2023

Tiger Shroff, a well-known name in Bollywood, has strategically invested in Revenant Esports, bridging the gap between the emerging Indian Esports industry and the well-established Indian film industry.

The popular Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff has opened up fresh possibilities of funding for the Indian esports industry through his covert investment in Revenant Esports, an up-and-coming powerhouse in India’s fast-rising esports scene.

According to a press statement from Revenant, this strategic investment gives the company a huge boost, enabling them to strengthen their cutting-edge BootCamp infrastructure, improve their esports rosters, and develop a team of exceptional content creators. The ultimate goal of Revenant Esports is to establish the organization as the leading esports organization in India and to pave the way for international growth.

Tiger Shroff has a deep love for MMA, Football, and physical fitness. He also has a strong passion for esports, which he has already shown by working alongside other individuals on a range of esports and gaming projects. Tiger describes Revenant Esports as one of the most well-known Esports organizations in India.

In addition to leveraging the organization’s popularity to connect with the GenZ audience, Tiger hopes to cultivate the esports scene in India even further. Along with receiving investment from Tiger Shroff, Revenant Esports has also signed sponsorship deals with some of the biggest international brands including, AMD, PUMA, CORSAIR, and CYBEART.

Tiger’s investment can open new doors for funding

Despite increasing numbers of esports players in India, esports remains a relatively unaccepted career in the country. The potential stability provided by prominent investors like Tiger, however, has the ability to make esports a mainstream industry in India, which will encourage more players to join the scene. People will ultimately be much more supportive of esports thanks to its mainstream appeal.

Starting in 2019, Revenant is a formidable esports organization featuring some of the best esports players and content creators in the country. They recently hired Emperor Plays, Bitty, and Ayush is Live, three of the most popular content creators in the Indian gaming community, with plans to bring on additional highly effective creators in the coming months.

The organization presently fields esports lineups in many popular titles including Call of Duty Mobile, Valorant, Brawl Stars, and Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Revenant Esports made history in Pokemon Unite last year, after becoming the first team from India to compete at the world championships in London. The organization has participated in a number of international competitions, including the BGMI: Master Series, Valorant Challengers League South Asia, Pokemon Unite’s Asia Champions League 2023, ESL Masters Japan (Brawl Stars), and the Call of Duty World Championship 2021.

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