CS2 release date announced?

Every day, we are more and more in expectation regarding the official release of Counter-Strike 2, as this means... Eduardo | 21. September 2023

Every day, we are more and more in expectation regarding the official release of Counter-Strike 2, as this means the end of the era of our beloved CS:GO and, above all, the beginning of a new chapter in CS2. However, Valve has not given any official information regarding this, so throughout the last few months, everything we have shared is speculation.

However, after several months, Valve seems to have dropped a hint regarding the official release of CS2 since we know we are just hours away from the official end of Summer 2023, so Valve would not have kept its promise. Finally, they gave access to the open beta to many more players, and a post on Twitter a few hours ago indicates that the launch will be soon.

Valve gives hints about CS2 release

While it’s true that nothing is confirmed, Valve’s latest post on its Twitter account lends itself to speculation, and everything seems to indicate that CS2 will launch next September 27.

As we noted in the post on Twitter, there is no official announcement, let alone an exact date, regarding the game’s release. However, Valve’s question, “What are you doing next Wednesday?” makes us think that the release of CS2 would be next Wednesday, September 27.

Let’s see, Valve wouldn’t make a post asking this question if it wasn’t about something really important. Besides, the game’s community, including professional players and teams, think, just like all of us, that the official release of CS2 will be on that date.

As we can see, from excitement to nervousness, there is in the Counter-Strike community because, while it is the end of a glorious era in CS:GO, it is also a beginning where any team could take the baton at the top of the competitive scene.

On the other hand, we should also remember that in an official statement regarding their 20th-anniversary celebration on their blog, Valve promised that CS2 would be released “soon.”. Furthermore, before that post, the only news regarding the release of CS2 was in March, when Valve announced that the game would arrive in summer 2023. However, since that time, the only thing we have noticed from Valve is constant updates to the game and, most importantly, access to many more players.

New era in the Counter-Strike scene

While it is true that, besides the fact that everyone would have access to the game at the time of the release of CS2, there is no doubt that this would mark the beginning of a new era in the competitive Counter-Strike scene.

For over 10 years, we have enjoyed many tournaments and events where teams and players have shown their best and worst sides. In addition, it is also fair to mention that tournament organizers announced that they will switch to CS2 immediately after the game’s official release.

As a result, if CS2 is set to launch next September 27, teams will have approximately 5 months to prepare when they start the RMR for the first Major of the CS2 era, which takes place in March in Copenhagen.

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