Teamfight Tactics Patch 14.4 Notes: New Updates for TFT Gamers

Are you ready for the latest updates in Teamfight Tactics Patch 14.4? It’s a big deal for gamers everywhere.... Aleksandar | 23. February 2024

Are you ready for the latest updates in Teamfight Tactics Patch 14.4? It’s a big deal for gamers everywhere. This guide unpacks all the essential changes, from how the game plays to tweaks in items, ensuring you’re all set to take over the game board. 

With these Teamfight Tactics updates, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re deep into strategizing or just enjoying the thrill of the game. 

It’s all about making your gaming experience better, more balanced, and, of course, a lot more fun. Therefore, let’s dive in and see how these changes are shaking things up, keeping the game fresh and exciting for players everywhere.

Patch 14.4 Highlights

The latest round of Teamfight Tactics updates brings some cool new features, and important system changes that you won’t want to miss. Let’s dive into what’s new and why it matters for your gaming sessions.

Team Planner Enhancements

Ever wished you could organize your champions in Teamfight Tactics with just a click? Well, now you can do so with the new Snapshot feature. 

It lets you quickly import champions into the Team Planner without any fuss. This slick upgrade means less time clicking around and more time strategizing your way to victory.

System Requirement Updates

Heads up, gamers! It’s time to say goodbye to older Windows versions and ChromeOS because Teamfight Tactics won’t support them anymore. 

If you’re still on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1, you’ll need to upgrade to keep playing. It’s all about keeping the game running smoothly for everyone, so ensure your system is up to date.

Vanguard Introduction

Big news for players in the Philippines: Vanguard, Riot’s anti-cheat system, is rolling out just for you in patch 14.5. This cautious first step ensures the game stays fair and fun, keeping those pesky cheaters at bay. 

It’s a sign of Riot’s commitment to making sure everyone plays by the rules, ensuring a better experience for all TFT fans.

Item Adjustments

With the latest Teamfight Tactics updates, players are in for a treat with some game-changing item adjustments. 

These tweaks aim to balance gameplay and add a fresh layer of strategy. Now, let’s break down what’s new and how it impacts your approach to the game.

Main Item Updates

Dragons Claw item in teamfight tactics lolDragon’s Claw, a favorite among defense items, just got an upgrade. This item just got even better at keeping your champions safe from magic damage. It now offers more Magic Resist, going up to a whopping 65 from 55. 

However, it does come with a slight trade-off, reducing the maximum Health benefits from 10% to 9%. It’s all about giving you that edge in magic-heavy fights, making it a sharper tool in your arsenal. 

This change means you’ll have to think a bit harder about when and on whom to use it, adding a nice twist to your defensive strategies.

Radiant Items Rebalance

Jak’sho the Protean also received some attention in this patch. Now, its effects depend on where your champion is positioned on the board. Front-row fighters get one set of benefits, while back-row champions receive another. Here are the benefits:

  • Front 2 rows get a boost to Resist and Mana on being hit, making your frontline tougher.
  • Back 2 rows, see an increase in Ability Power and Mana regeneration, empowering your damage dealers from a distance.

This tweak encourages players to dive deeper into strategy, carefully considering where to place their units for optimal effect. It’s all about making smart moves and adapting to new challenges, keeping the gameplay exciting and dynamic.

These item adjustments in the Teamfight Tactics updates are set to shake things up, offering new ways to play and win. Whether you’re defending against magic attacks or positioning your champions for the best advantage, these changes are here to test your skills and strategy.

Trait and Champion Rebalances

Legends of Runeterra Monuments of Power patch

The latest Teamfight Tactics updates bring a fresh wave of balance changes to both traits and champions, fine-tuning the battlefield for a more engaging and fair gameplay experience. 

Whether you’re rallying your troops under a banner of shared traits or leading your champions to glory, these adjustments are set to spice up your strategy and challenge your tactical prowess.

Trait Tweaks

  • Country: This trait now makes your Dreadsteed units even more formidable, with ability damage boosted from 200% AD to 210% AD. Your cavalry just got a bit more terrifying.
  • Rapidfire: Attack speed per stack has slightly increased across the board, making it more rewarding to hit those high stack counts. Your units will be firing faster, pushing the limits of their dexterity.
  • Spellweaver: Spellcasters rejoice! The base Ability Power and the AP per cast for Spellweavers have both been cranked up, making those magical barrages even more devastating.

Champion Changes

  • Karthus: After a rework, Karthus is now a powerhouse of repeat casting, cleaning up fights with precision. His Superfan item has been swapped to Adaptive Helm, aligning better with his new role on the battlefield.
  • Poppy: Noticed Poppy zipping around a bit too fast? A bug fix has adjusted her attack speed, but don’t worry, she’s been compensated to keep her in fighting form.
  • Lillia: Her max Mana has been reduced, allowing her to drift into her dreamy battlefield contributions a tad quicker.

These updates aim to bring a fresh breath of strategy and balance to the game, making each match a new challenge to conquer. Whether you’re strengthening your frontlines or boosting your backline attacks, these changes are sure to keep things exciting.

System and Mode Updates

With the latest Teamfight Tactics updates, the game introduces some key adjustments to both Double Up and the 3.5 Revival Mode, aimed at enhancing the overall player experience and ensuring the game remains as engaging and balanced as possible.

Double Up Adjustments

The Double Up mode sees a strategic overhaul with the removal of specific items from Assist Armories. This change, along with a rebalance of the armory offerings, is designed to curb power creep and enrich the co-op mode experience. 

By tweaking what’s available, the game encourages players to think more creatively about their strategies and partnerships on the battlefield.

3.5 Revival Mode Tweaks

As we bid farewell to the 3.5 Revival Mode, a final balance pass ensures that it goes out with a bang. This includes buffs to some of the underperforming champions and traits, giving them a much-needed boost. 

These adjustments are all about ensuring the mode remains memorable and fun, offering a fitting goodbye to a beloved part of the game.

These updates reflect a continuous effort to refine and improve the gameplay, ensuring that Teamfight Tactics remains a dynamic and thrilling experience for all types of players.