Fragster | 19. November 2022

Copenhagen Flames win CCT Central Europe Series 3

The Danish lineup has secured their second CCT title in less than a month after winning the CCT South Europe Series 1 at the end of October. At the CCT Central Europe Series 3, Copenhagen Flames successfully prevailed against ex-Team Finest.

Copenhagen Flames have won the CCT Central Europe Series 3 after beating ex-Team Finest in the 2-1 Grand Final, securing $22,000 in prize money.

The Danish team started the tournament in the playoffs as they were invited straight to the Knockout Stage. The Danes had to fight hard to win their way through the round, winning against HAVU, K23, and 9INE. 

Close fight between ex-Team Finest and CPH

The defeat of ex-Team Finest came as a surprise, as the mixed team hadn’t lost a single map on the way to the Grand Final. 

The finale started on Vertigo and the Copenhagen Flames showed their opponents where to go. The Danish team took a 10-5 lead before losing just one more round on the CT side.

Dust 2 was a much tighter affair. Finest put together a strong T-side and went into the break three rounds ahead, although the two opponents could not be separated in regulation time after a three-round series saw the Copenhagen Flames in the 30th round brought to par. But in the extra time, ex-Finest went up a gear again. They only lost one round and finished the map 19-16.

CPH win with a dominant victory on Inferno

The last game took place on Inferno and it was an exciting head-to-head race between the two teams. This time, it was Rasmus “raalz” Steensborg who took care of his team’s defenses — the 27-year-old notched up 18 kills in the first half, giving the Copenhagen Flames a round lead before the break. The Danes would take a 12-7 lead, which their opponents could no longer catch.

Finest made one last comeback attempt, which wasn’t bad at all, but it still wasn’t quite enough. The game finished in the 29th round with a 13-16 and Copenhagen Flames pulling the win.

In addition to the prize money, the Copenhagen Flames also picked up 150 points in the regional CCT rankings, which might help them to qualify for the first European Studio Finals of the Champion of Champions Tour, set to take place in Malta.