Commands to improve lag spike in CS2

With Valve’s new wave of access to the Counter-Strike 2 community, many players have been complaining about some lag... Eduardo | 5. September 2023

With Valve’s new wave of access to the Counter-Strike 2 community, many players have been complaining about some lag spike in their games, so don’t panic; it’s not your PC or your connection; it’s a problem with the game’s beta.

Remember that as we are still in the presence of a Beta, and even if it is a Closed Beta, it is more than likely that we will encounter many errors in the games. However, this is not all bad, as this is the way Valve detects all the bugs in the game to correct them and, finally, make the official release of CS2 with the minimum amount of bugs possible.

Now, the problems with the lag spike have been reported in the last few hours in different forums such as Reddit and on social networks. However, there is a solution in which we could avoid or decrease the error by placing some commands in the game console.

Solving problems with the lag spike in CS2

Different professional players, streamers, content creators, and recognized personalities in the scene have shared a solution responsible for decreasing or eliminating the lag spike in CS2. Among the tweaks, there are only 3 commands that we must place in our developer console within CS2 to solve the lag spike problem.

Next, we will show you what these commands are:

  • cl_updaterate 128
  • cl_interp_ratio 1
  • cl_interp “0.015625” (stable connection)
  • cl_interp “0.03125” (unstable connection)

After testing these commands personally on CS2, I can assure you that the lag spike decreased noticeably. However, some spikes may be due to other types of problems that the game beta has.

In the same way, these commands should be used by those who have this problem in a very recurrent way because many players have never felt this kind of error.

Finally, the only thing left to say is that if you have this kind of lag spike problem in CS2, you lose absolutely nothing in using them every time you start the game. As a result, if you find that your experience in the game improves, don’t forget to thank those who shared the commands for everyone.

The official arrival of CS2 must be very near

After Valve announced CS2 at the end of March, the CS:GO community anticipated the game’s official release. However, the developers have not delivered as promised, as we are very close to the end of summer 2023, and still no sign of the release.

Likewise, the fact that Valve gave access to so many people in the update of last August 31 added Inferno, and even showed the new MM Prime system with the MR12 format makes us think that the release of CS2 may be closer than ever.

Finally, we can only play the CS2 beta and report to Valve the bugs or problems we find in the games. This way, the developers can solve the problems before officially launching the game.

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