All about Team of the Week 16 “TOTW 16” FIFA 23

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, EA has unveiled the Team of the Week 16 roster. The new roster includes... Maria | 16. February 2023

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, EA has unveiled the Team of the Week 16 roster. The new roster includes the first upgrade card from Cristiano Ronaldo since the game’s launch in September. TOTW 16 is no exception, with players who have demonstrated extraordinary talent and skill throughout the week earning a spot on the list.

The only material regularly published in FIFA 23 is the Team of the Week. In addition to recognizing notable football-related performances throughout the week, it also provides FUT players with a constant source of content in the form of stat boosts for their player cards based on their real-life performances.


The FIFA 23 TOTW upgrade system has become the ongoing promotion with the most profitable offers for FIFA 23 players. Many people are curious about this week’s Team because it features several elite athletes such as Ronaldo, Ben Yedder, and Rodri.

Players included in FIFA 23 TOTW 16

Below is a list of all the members of the most recent Team of the Week, including alternates. The list is sorted in ascending order according to the overall score.

  • Holelrbach: 79
  • Kurto: 79
  • Tella: 80
  • Mijnans: 80
  • Ricardo Santos: 80
  • Laba: 83
  • Ihenacho: 83
  • Hubers: 83
  • Audero: 84
  • Uribe: 85
  • Guerreiro: 85
  • Frimpong: 86
  • David: 87
  • Shaw: 87
  • Canales: 87
  • Savanier: 87
  • Soria: 87
  • Di Lorenzo (Featured): 88
  • Grifo (Featured): 88
  • Vlahovic: 88
  • Rodri: 88
  • Ben Yedder: 88
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: 91
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Credits: EA Sports

It is important to remember that Team of the Week is the only ongoing promotional activity throughout the game. This makes it a relatively effective method of launching new content in FIFA 23. The game improves with the weekly arrival of new cards, and the fact that the improvements are tied to actual in-game results makes it more like real-world soccer.

Consider Cristiano Ronaldo’s TOTW card, which has a score of 91. Understandably, fans are eager to get the card after the first upgrade of the season. However, Cristiano Ronaldo’s selection in the squad is mainly because he scored an incredible four goals in last week’s Pro League match between Al-Nassr and Al-Saudi Wehda.

The Team of the Week features several reinforced attackers, including Ben Yedder, the Ligue 1 Player of the Month. Ben Yedder scored twice over the weekend to help AS Monaco defeat defending champions PSG 3-1.

Is the FIFA 23 TOTW 16 worth it?

This week the Team has been baptized as dream strikers. It abounds in strikers with valuable cards, such as David, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Ben Yedder. The promotion also features other notable midfielders, such as Savanier, Grifo, and Rodri.

Luke Shaw and Di Lorenzo, with 87 and 88 ratings, and Frimpong, who receives his second improvement in form with an 86-RWB card, feature in the Team of the Week. An excellent overall team is worth adding to any player’s FIFA 23 Ultimate team.

Header: EA Sports