New chicken mechanic in CS2 pleases community

Since Counter-Strike 1.6, chickens have been one of the essential attractions in each of the game’s installments, and, most... Eduardo | 8. June 2023

Since Counter-Strike 1.6, chickens have been one of the essential attractions in each of the game’s installments, and, most likely, Valve is completely okay with that. The game developers have included a new chicken mechanic that the community has greatly liked.

Until now, players could have chickens follow them around the map; they could also serve as enemy indicators, as we all know that chickens would run when having someone nearby. Also, we all once spent some time killing chickens with knives and guns, but their corpses would simply disappear when we did so.

Now, with the new mechanics in CS2, we will have a new animation regarding chickens that have undoubtedly delighted the community.

Valve introduces new chicken mechanics in CS2

As we mentioned, chickens have been a fundamental part of the game for many years and, above all, in some specific maps. While it is true that the map is not full of chickens, no more and no less, there is always something distracting or “fun” about killing them or simply making them follow you.

Now, Valve has decided to add a new mechanic, which nobody expected. In Counter-Strike 2, if players throw a Molotov or an incendiary grenade at the chickens, they will turn into roast chicken; that is, they will be cooked and ready for you to eat on Thanksgiving (jokingly). However, this mechanic can only be observed if one of the grenades above is used. This makes all the sense in the world, as you won’t be able to prepare a rotisserie chicken with a knife or HE grenade.

The community is thrilled with this chicken mechanic

Here comes the interesting part: the community is completely delighted with this new mechanic. Besides highlighting the realism that Valve is implementing in CS2, it also highlights the humor that characterizes this developer.

Some even mentioned that this mechanic could be used to recover a small amount of HP in the game; one user highlights that players could eat them after roasting the chickens and thus gain 1HP.

Even the official FACEIT account replied to this Tweet, referencing that a mechanic where chickens can pull out guns and shoot players is very close.

Undoubtedly, with the little they have shown so far, we can highlight that CS2 will be an engaging and fun game. However, there are still many more details to be revealed, and, above all, we are all looking forward to the game’s global release.

Header: Valve