Is it possible to switch to left hand in CS2?

Counter-Strike 2, or CS2, as we want to call it, is officially among us, and we can now enjoy... Eduardo | 28. September 2023

Counter-Strike 2, or CS2, as we want to call it, is officially among us, and we can now enjoy this new experience developed by Valve under the Source 2 engine.

After many months of expectation, bugs in the closed beta, and everything else, CS2 is now available for everyone on Steam, and, best of all, it is FREE. However, there is one mechanic or option that many players are requesting since they had access to the game’s beta: the fact of being able to switch the weapon to the left hand.

Throughout the history of Counter-Strike, whether in 1.6 or CS:GO, players have had an option or command (cl_righthand) to change the side on which we observe the weapon on our screens. Many players got used to seeing their weapons on the left side of the screen, and, in the CS2 beta, this was not possible, so these players cheered for Valve to add this option to the official release of the game. However, this, for now, will not be possible.

Is it possible to switch to the left hand in CS2?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is a resounding NO. After the official release of CS2, the developers decided not to include hand-switching in the game.

As a result, players who were used to playing with their left hand will have to make the switch, for now, to the right hand. However, most likely, after many requests from the community and, of course, from professional players, this option will soon arrive in the game.

Advantages of the left-hand model in Counter-Strike

While many may think this is just a whim, placing the weapon on one side or the other can improve or worsen your aim.

Let’s start with the fact that if you have a dominant right eye, the gun should be placed on the left side of the screen since, in that way, the right side would have much more space, and you will be able to observe your enemies better. On the contrary, if your dominant eye is the left one, it would be the other way around; you should use the weapon on the right side of the screen.

Similarly, you may be a lucky person who dominates both eyes, so you can use the weapon on the side you want. However, remember that it is all part of the style of play and, above all, comfort.

Do I have a dominant eye? How do I know?

There are several techniques to check if you have a dominant eye. However, the simplest is as follows.

Find a spot to watch on a wall, about an arm’s length away.

Place your two hands in a triangle shape and make a small gap between your thumbs to line up the spot on the wall.

Finally, close one eye (and then the other) and watch what happens to the dot. The one that remains inside the triangle will be your dominant eye.

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