Yay Gets Exposed By His Former Teammates [Full Story]

One of the most celebrated Valorant players in the world is getting his reputation tainted by his ex-teammates. Here... Owen | 28. April 2024

One of the most celebrated Valorant players in the world is getting his reputation tainted by his ex-teammates. Here is the whole story of what happened.

Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker was considered the best Valorant player in the world before his decline. In 2023, he relocated to Asia to play for BLEED Esports. Since his move, he has been way below his prime and achieving little to no results. While he is in a rough patch, yay’s former teammates have started sharing negative stories surrounding him.

Ex-BLEED Player crazyguy Throws A Jab

Yay was teamed with Ngô “crazyguy” Anh in his first big event with the BLEED Esports roster, VCT Kickoff Pacific 2024. Unfortunately, the roster failed its debut, losing two consecutive matches that resulted in elimination.

Despite only playing two Best-of-3 matches, roster changes immediately ensued, with in-game leader crazyguy taking the hit. Understandably, the Vietnamese player was unhappy with the move, considering he had been in BLEED for years and was dropped after one event with the new iteration. 

Though crazyguy did not say it, fans thought yay was responsible for pulling the strings as he was likely the highest-paid player in the team and may have a strong voice in the move. 

Fast forward to April, BLEED is currently participating in the VCT Pacific Stage 1 tournament with crazyguy on the sidelines. The former player held a watch party on his live stream and talked about the following points:

  • The BLEED players had a month off after the Riot Games ONE 2023 tournament.
  • The team had no practice and could do whatever they wanted to enjoy the break. 
  • However, they were advised to play ranked matches to stay in shape for the upcoming VCT Kickoff tournament. 
  • The team’s analyst, Ominous, checked each player’s Valorant account statistics to see how many matches were played recently.
  • All members of the team played sufficient ranked matches except for yay. 
  • According to crazyguy, the team’s star player did not play a single match for the month.
  • Yay defended himself, saying he was playing on an alternate account. 
  • Ominous asked yay to share the account details so he could make a report, but he never replied. 

BLEED crazyguy (benched) about yay underperforming
byu/lgnoreL inValorantCompetitive

In this shocking statement, crazyguy accuses yay for not putting in any effort while the entire team still practices in ranked matches despite being on break. 

Yay Responds To crazyguy’s Accusations

Crazyguy’s statement was posted on the ValorantCompetitive subreddit. Yay replied to the situation on his official Reddit account. 

Here are the main points for his response:

  • For context: Accounts are region-locked, and the way to change your region in Valorant is to have Riot do it manually.
  • Yay transferred his main account (NA region) over to APAC. If he flies back to North America, he will still be forced to play on APAC servers with 200+ ping, which is unplayable.
  • Instead of going back and forth with Riot staff to manually switch the account, it is better to have two accounts, one for NA servers and one for APAC servers.
  • Yay continued to reveal his reason for not playing. He had to go back to Los Angeles to pack his apartment and move everything since his lease was ending. 
  • He did not have family in Los Angeles, so he needed to move all his things to Texas, which is more than a 20-hour drive.
  • He also had to get his Japanese visa, which he had extra issues with. 
  • Yay also claimed that Ominous never asked him for his alternate account.

Yay was disappointed that crazyguy brought this up and automatically assumed that he was lying about these things. 

Finally, to close off his reply, yay drops an interesting statement:

“I will say though that some of the things that happened – if it happened in any other profession/team that person would instantly be kicked/fired the first time, let alone multiple other times.”

Former DSG Player Genghsta Chimes In

Before joining BLEED, yay had a stint with DisguisedToast’s esports organization Disguised. In that team, yay played with now-retired Amgalan “Genghsta” Nemekhbayar. 

Gengstah was not happy with yay’s response to the situation with crazyguy. The former Disguised player decided to leak a video of Disguised’s communication in a scrim against LOUD.

In the clip, yay is calling a round. However, the Disguised members did not follow the plan accordingly. Being frustrated and down 1-10, yay says he is going to throw the game. 

The Disguised players were somewhat shocked and laughed because there seemed to be a miscommunication.

Yay responds with the following:

“You can f@#king laugh all you want, bro, but it’s so tilting when you make the same f@#king mistakes on matches.”

The post does not end here. According to Genghsta, yay also bribed the team’s coach Kyle “OCEAN” O’Brien to kick him out of the team. Though the evidence is not super concrete, Genghsta claims yay offered $10,000 to convince OCEAN to bench him from the roster.

Professional Players Defend yay

Though yay was being bombarded with hate after two of his teammates “exposed” him, numerous Valorant personalities stepped in his defense.

Peter “Governor” No, who is currently playing for Talon Esports and in the same league as yay, mentioned that posting clips of former teammates out of spite is an unspoken rule that should not be broken in professional Valorant.

It is also common knowledge in the esports space that footage or audio from scrims should not be made public.

Yay’s former Cloud9 teammate, Anthony “vanity” Malaspina, tweeted about the situation. He claimed that in his two months with yay, he was a great teammate and had no toxicity issues. 

Vanity continues to assume that going from a Tier 1 team to a Tier 2/3 team is a huge change and could affect frustration and mentality. 

Last but not least, Natchaphon “sScary” Matarat, who is currently on the roster with yay on BLEED, also took to Twitter to share his side of the story. 

In his post, sScary mentioned it was devastating to see his teammate receive so much hate, especially when he is down. According to the 24-year-old, yay is giving it his all and has never shown signs of toxicity.

Yay is having it incredibly rough at the moment. He is not performing up to his standards, and his team barely has a chance to advance to the next stage of Stage 1. It wouldn’t be crazy to mention that he is at the lowest point of his career, and his former teammates are kicking him when he is down. 

However, the allegations of bribing $10,000 to the team’s coach to bench a teammate would send huge waves to the community if it were true. Yay has not responded to Genghsta’s accusations. 

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