Warzone 2 DMZ Mode $30,000 Tournament

We have a big surprise for Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ mode lovers! Activision, the company in charge... Eduardo | 13. January 2023

We have a big surprise for Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ mode lovers! Activision, the company in charge of publishing this fantastic video game, has announced that Warzone 2’s DMZ mode will have its tournament with a prize pool of $30,000.

In addition to this, Activision also highlighted that up to 16 trios of players will be invited, and it will be played next January 17. The official announcement reads:

“Tune in as 16 captains, and their trios work through various challenges in DMZ, competing for their share of $30,000!”

Warzone 2 DMZ mode

While many Warzone 2 players are looking forward to the arrival of Private Matches in the game and the $100,000 OpTic Texas tournament, Activision is trying something completely different with this tournament in DMZ mode.

First of all, remember that Warzone 2’s DMZ mode is similar to the popular Espace From Tarkov video game. In it, players are deployed in Al Mazrah to face other players and AI fighters and complete missions and contracts. In addition, you will also be able to collect loot and valuable weapons to get out successfully and keep all the equipment.

If players die, they will lose all loot collected and any loot they have equipped unless they secure their weapons.

It is unclear what types of challenges players will have to complete in this tournament or who the participating players will be. But the event will take place just four days from now, and, according to CoD’s official tweet, it seems to be asking who fans want to see playing in the tournament.

Warzone 2 DMZ Gauntlet Schedule

The tournament will kick off next Tuesday, January 17, 2023, at 21:00 CET.

They have not yet confirmed where they will stream the tournament. However, it is expected to be on the official Call of Duty Twitch channel. In addition, the participants themselves will likely broadcast their games to the fans.

Tournament format

There is still no clear information about the format of the DMZ Gaunlet tournament, but with Activision’s tweet, we can see that the 16 trios will have to complete a “variety of challenges in DMZ.”

This makes us think that the format will focus on killing other players and completing missions specific to this mode. Perhaps these will be the most difficult ones in the game.

Activision asked the community for suggestions on who to invite to this tournament. After that, names well-known to Warzone 2 fans came up, from top Warzone 2 players like Aydan and Jukeyz to DMZ-focused content creators like Westie, MrDalekJD, and GeekyPastimes.

As this is the first significant attempt at a “competitive” variant of DMZ mode, where players fight against AI combatants rather than other players, it should be an exciting event for CoD fans.

Header: Activision