VCT Masters Tokyo: Top 5 teams to watch out

With VCT Masters Tokyo just around the corner, fans are buzzing with anticipation about the representative teams and players.... Jason | 7. June 2023

With VCT Masters Tokyo just around the corner, fans are buzzing with anticipation about the representative teams and players. Among them, we have curated five teams that have emerged as the ones to watch, showcasing exceptional skill and strategic prowess. These teams have consistently dominated previous tournaments, establishing themselves as formidable contenders in the world of Valorant. Through calculated plays and outstanding individual performances, they have captivated audiences worldwide.

Join us as we dive into the realm of VCT Masters and explore the top five teams who are looking as top contenders for the coveted title of Valorant Master Tokyo 2022.

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5. DRX Gaming

DRX ทีมแรกการันตีโควต้าเพลย์ออฟ VCT pacific | ONE Esports Thailand

It may come as a surprise to see DRX instead of more well-known teams, but their experience cannot be disregarded. Notably, they achieved a remarkable top-three finish in the VCT LOCK//IN tournament, triumphing over teams like Cloud9 and BBL. In the recently concluded VCT Pacific League, DRX displayed exceptional performance during the league stage, although they stumbled in the later stages. Nonetheless, their team synergy has the potential to disrupt opponent strategies, making them a team to closely watch in VCT Masters Tokyo.

4. Team Liquid

Team Liquid Valorant on Twitter: "IT'S THE FIRST MATCH DAY OF THE YEAR! Team Liquid vs Team Secret ⏰ 6 PM CET #LETSGOLIQUID 💙 https://t.co/7C7JQSeGm1" / Twitter

Team Liquid is rapidly establishing itself as a dominant force in the EMEA region. While it took some time for their new roster to find their footing, they have now hit their stride. Their recent victory over Fnatic in the grand finals of VCT EMEA League, with an impressive 3-1 score, speaks volumes. It’s worth noting that Fnatic had previously emerged as champions in VCT LOCK//IN in Brazil, whereas Team Liquid had an early exit in the single elimination stage, defeated by Team Secret. However, Team Liquid has honed its strategies and calls, resulting in smoother gameplay. It remains to be seen how they will replicate their outstanding performance in the upcoming event in Tokyo.

3. Fnatic


So far, Fnatic has conquered the Valorant Esports limelight in 2023 if we exclude the recent defeat against Team Liquid. Their incredible journey began with a win in the LOCK//IN tournament, making them world champions. They showcased their dominance by going undefeated in the regular season. However, Team Liquid put a stop to their winning streak in an exciting Grand Finals showdown. Led by the talented Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev and two-time world champion Timofey “Chronicle” Khromov, Fnatic remains a strong contender. As they prepare for Masters Tokyo, they have a chance to make history as the first-ever back-to-back VCT champions.

2. Paper Rex

Exclusive: 'Our aim is just insane' says Paper Rex f0rsakeN | ONE Esports

With their current form, the Southeast Asian powerhouses appear unstoppable, especially bolstered by the addition of the formidable Ilya “something” Petrov. Everyone is eagerly awaiting their dominant performance in the upcoming Master’s event. Despite facing numerous disappointments in international VCT competitions, Paper Rex finally broke their curse by winning VCT Pacific. They made an incredible comeback to defeat the favored DRX Gaming from Korea. The controlled and calculated aggression from Paper Rex is always effective, This gives them a strong chance to compete for the title, especially if their opponents struggle to counter their strategies effectively. Riding high on their Pacific league victory, Paper Rex is now a strong contender, ready to make a lasting impact.


LOUD & OpTic Make It To VCT Champions Upper Finals! | EarlyGame

You can’t count out the champions especially if it is LOUD, the leading team from the Americas region, heads into Masters Tokyo as the favorites. They secured the VCT Americas title with a flawless run through the brackets. With no clear weaknesses, LOUD’s exceptional fundamentals and strategies make them a formidable opponent. Their mechanical talent allows them to win aim duels, catching their opponents off-guard with versatile playstyles. Keep an eye on players like Erick “aspas” Santos and Felipe “Less” Basso. LOUD possesses the necessary tools to become world champions once again, and VCT Masters Tokyo provides the perfect stage for them to showcase their true potential.

The highly anticipated VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo will showcase twelve elite teams representing EMEA, the Americas, the Pacific, and China. With a group stage spanning June 11-14, followed by thrilling double-elimination playoffs from June 16-25, fans and players will eagerly embrace this format.

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