MultiVersus Fall Showdown kicks off in Europe

With the MultiVersus EVO tournament gaining the reputation that the game deserves, Player First Games is hosting another tournament... Harrison | 21. October 2022

With the MultiVersus EVO tournament gaining the reputation that the game deserves, Player First Games is hosting another tournament for MultiVersus titled The MultiVersus Fall Showdown.

Since the fighting game is still at its early stages, MultiVersus competitions are still quite slow, yet fans and enthusiasts are hoping that the ongoing MultiVersus Fall Showdown might help to light the flame for more tournaments of the same name in the near future. 

MultiVersus Fall Showdown

The MultiVersus Fall Showdown could be marked as a crucial point for the game’s esports scene, as it is an official series organized by the game’s developer. Even though the game is still not available in some regions yet, major regions such as Europe, North America East and North America West, will be taking part in the competition.

Starting off, each of these local areas will have two qualifying rounds, in which players will need to compete in order to earn one of the eight slots in the finals. To make competing worthwhile for players, the Open Qualifiers also feature prizes.

Crossplay is enabled on MultiVersus, so regardless of the platform the player uses, they get to participate. 

Schedule and prize pool 

MultiVersus Fall Showdown is going to be a wide-ranging series of tournaments running from mid of October to the mid of November, with a $60,000 total prize pool.

The first series for North America West and East opened on October 15, with the second round starting on November 5. The finals will be held on November 18 for NA West on November 21 for East.  

As for Europe, the first round of qualifiers kicks off on October 22, while the second starts on November 5. Finals are scheduled t take place on November 20.

The teams the qualifiers receive a small portion of the prize pool — $500 for the first place, while the second place to the 26th place receives $50 USD. The MultiVersus Fall Showdown broadcast is available on MultiVersus YouTube channel.

During the United States opening rounds, Cruncho and Rufflecrumbs dominated the NA East while LuckMVS and AvG Mikko dominated the NA West. As for the meta, Bugs Bunny and Velma were contested the most and Tom and Jerry were picked the least. 

Space for talent

If you are a MultiVersus player and you want to challenge yourself while also testing your skills against other players, you can still register for the second round of both North American series.

This is the best time to follow the game as it is really young, but with the potential to become even bigger than Super Smash Bros. There are not many dedicated and well-known players yet, which means there is a lot of space for fresh talent trying to make their mark on this game at MultiVersus Fall Showdown.

Header: MVSGaming