Two champions banned for MSI by Riot Games

During the MSI, two LoL champions will be banned by Riot Games. Therefore, the two champions who will not... Maria | 20. April 2023

During the MSI, two LoL champions will be banned by Riot Games. Therefore, the two champions who will not be seen in this tournament are Yuumi and Milio.

Two of the game’s champions will be banned for the first international LoL event. A few days ago, Riot Games released patch 13.8 of the game. With this version of LoL, the MSI will be played. After the release of the patch, Riot Games confirmed that Yuumi and Milio would not be present in the next tournament.

The reason for Riot Games’ decision to deactivate these two champions is that they were not present in the spring qualifiers. Consequently, according to Riot’s rules, both champions should be banned from the MSI.

As LS Coach and Analyst point out, according to Riot’s rules, no champion disabled in the qualifiers of the four main regions can participate in such important events as the MSI or Worlds. This means that Yuumi and Milio are the champions who will be disabled during MSI 2023, just as has happened with other champions in tournaments where similar circumstances have been experienced.

Yuumi and Milio are out of the 2023 MSI

We have already discussed why Yuumi and Milio will not be present at this year’s MSI. However, it is important to comment on the factors that influenced these two champions to be excluded.

As mentioned in the spring qualifiers, Yuumi and Milio were banned. However, in the case of each champion, several factors influenced them to leave them out.

On the one hand, Milio was not present in the spring qualifiers for obvious reasons. On the other hand, the champion had very little time to be included in the game, and the players did not have time to prepare the champion to compete in this crucial part of the season. Therefore, the best option for everyone was to ban Milio.

In the case of Yuumi, this champion experienced an event very similar to that of Milio. Although the magic cat has been part of the LoL champions for some time, she recently underwent a skill redesign. For this reason, players also did not have time to prepare with Yuumi for the playoffs, so the same solution was applied for this champion as Milio, banning him from this phase of the season.

Now, for all those fans who want to see how professional players use these champions, they must wait a little longer. To see how players use Yuumi and Milio in the current LoL meta, you must wait until summer. So while these two champions will continue to roam the rift for now, they still have a long way to go before they are ready to hit the competitive scene.

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