These are the RMR Major Qualifier locations

The PGL is setting the stage for the upcoming major esports competitions where teams can qualify for the Major... Fragster | 7. December 2023

The PGL is setting the stage for the upcoming major esports competitions where teams can qualify for the Major event in Copenhagen. The qualifiers, known as Regional Major Ranking (RMR) events, are the final hurdle before the main competition, the PGL CS2 Major in Copenhagen.

The regional qualifiers (RMR) for the PGL Major take place in different locations. They have been allocated locations such as Bucharest, Monterrey and Shanghai to increase the excitement on a global level.

To qualify for a PGL RMR tournament, players and teams must first take part in open qualifying rounds. Successful teams will then progress to closed qualifiers in different regions. The CS2 Major matches are usually broadcast via streaming platforms such as Twitch or YouTube.

Where do the RMRs take place?

The European RMR is aimed at 32 teams from the European region and takes place in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. The competition will be divided into two Swiss Stages and will also feature a Last Chance Bracket. From February 14 to 24, everything will revolve around qualifying.

Shortly afterwards, from February 26 to 28, it’s off to Asia, where eight teams will battle it out for a place in the Major in Shanghai, China. The American RMR will then take place in Monterrey, Mexico, from March 1 to 4, with 16 teams taking part.

Europe RMRs:

Bucharest, Romania (February 14-24)

Asia RMR:

Shanghai, China (February 26-28)

American RMR:

Monterrey, Mexico (March 1-4)

Teams and distribution of places

These tournaments will determine a total of 24 teams that will compete at the PGL CS2 Major in Copenhagen, which will run from March 17-31. After their performance at the BLAST.tv Paris Major, Europe will receive 17 places, America five and Asia two.

Teams that finish in the top 16 at the BLAST.tv Paris Major and maintain a three-man core will be invited directly to the RMR. Other teams can qualify via the two-stage online qualifiers, which begin on January 8.

Teams from around the world will have the opportunity to earn a spot through various Open Qualifiers.

Here are the key dates for each region:


  • First Open Qualifier (January 8)
  • Second Open Qualifier (January 10)
  • Third Open Qualifier (January 12)
  • Fourth Open Qualifier (January 14)


  • South Africa Qualifier (January 8)
  • Qualifier for the rest of the Middle East (January 8)
  • GCC Qualifier (January 8)
  • Oceania Qualifier (January 13)
  • East Asia Qualifier (January 15)
  • Rest of Asia Qualifier (January 17)


  • North America Open Qualifier #1 (January 8)
  • South America Open Qualifier #1 (January 8)
  • North America Open Qualifier #2 (January 10)
  • South America Open Qualifier #2 (January 10)

These competitions offer an exciting opportunity for teams to assert themselves in the esports world and take the spotlight at the big CS2 Major in Copenhagen.