Valve reveal new details about the TI12 regional qualifiers

Valve has provided fresh details regarding the upcoming Regional Qualifiers, which will determine the contender for The International 12.... Shubh | 24. June 2023

Valve has provided fresh details regarding the upcoming Regional Qualifiers, which will determine the contender for The International 12.

According to the announcement, Western Europe and South America, which had previously received only one slot each during regional qualifiers, both received two slots each. The two slots that would have gone to the LCQ winners have instead been handed to SA and WEU, which implicitly hints that there won’t be an LCQ like there was in TI 2022. Last year, the LCQ was a huge success, with Team Secret and Team Liquid qualifying for TI11 and finishing second and third, respectively.

Although there was no formal explanation for why these two regions received extra berths, it is likely because they have strong talent bases evidenced by their performance at recent international events. While The South American teams Evil Geniuses (EG) and Beastcoast both competed in all three Majors this season, consistently placing highly at LAN competitions. Meanwhile, European powerhouses Team Liquid and Gaimin Gladiators were the two finalists in the last two Majors.

TI12 regional qualifiers

According to Valve’s announcement, a total of 18 teams will compete at the Bali Major to try and secure their spot at TI through Dota Pro Circuit points. The top 12 teams in terms of DPC points following the Major will automatically qualify for The International and won’t have to participate in the regional qualifiers. Only five teams—Team Liquid, Gaimin Gladiators, Tundra Esports, Evil Geniuses, and Shopify Rebellions—have so far amassed enough DPC points to secure a seat at TI, leaving seven spots open for grabs at the forthcoming Major.

Looking at the DPC standings, 14 teams still have a chance to qualify for TI via points, even though several of these teams would need to perform amazingly well and have other outcomes occur in their favor. Teams that did not place in the top 12 will have six Regional Qualifiers to compete in, which will be held during the month of August.

Here is the complete schedule of the TI12 Regional Qualifiers:

  • North America: August 17th-21st (1 slot)
  • China: August 17th-21st (1 slot)
  • South America: August 22nd-26th (2 slots)
  • Eastern Europe: August 22nd-26th (1 slot)
  • Southeast Asia: August 27th-31st (1 slot)
  • Western Europe: August 27th-31st (2 slots)

TI 2023 will also have a revised format with two main stages: the main event and a preliminary stage named “The Road to the International.” Although Valve hasn’t provided all the information about this new format, it appears to be fairly similar to the one used for the Aegis of Champions last year. Valve will release more information on the TI12 and qualifiers in the following weeks.

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