What revenue does Riot Games receive from VALORANT skins?

Many wonder how much money Riot can generate by selling their skins; now we have the answer. With the... Maria | 11. March 2023

Many wonder how much money Riot can generate by selling their skins; now we have the answer. With the sale of a single VALORANT skin, Riot Games has earned over $20 million.

Recently, Riot Games has made public a staggering statistic. As you can see, one of the most recent skins for VALORANT has made $20 million in sales in just one month. This information is public since a portion of the proceeds will be distributed among the teams that participated in the Brazil tournament.


Credits: ValorantEsports | Twitter

Huge profits in skins sales

Many factors influenced the community’s intense demand for this cosmetic. First and foremost, it is a knife. Melee weapons, which are the most appreciated by the community in this category of video games, also have a specific value.

It is essential to mention that we are talking about a relatively expensive cosmetic. But, in addition, with the sale of these cosmetics Riot Games supports professional teams, so many were encouraged to buy them more relaxedly.

Contrary to widespread assumption, LoL and other video games have demonstrated that the priciest skins generate the most money.

However, the sum is incredible and confirms the positive influence of VALORANTIt is essential to remember that information on fur sales has already been provided in comparable circumstances. Thus, we can create a reasonably clear timeline.

Benefits from other years

  • Two VALORANT Champions 2021 skins: + $15 million (Competitive support)
  • Giving Back Bundle 2021: +$11 million (Sale for charity)
  • Two VALORANT Champions 2022 skins: + $32 million (Competitive support)
  • Two VALORANT Champions 2023 skins: + $20 million (Competitive Support)

It should be noted that each cosmetic set has unique qualities, except for the two VALORANT Champions packs. In this sense, the comparison is not as simple.

For instance, we don’t think the 2022 World Cup’s income will be considerably higher than this year’s. However, there are certainly a few million dollars difference.

However, the package for this competition also came with a new Phantom look, plus a butterfly-shaped razor. One of the best-selling weapons in the game has additional content, which helps explain the variance. Further information regarding the sale of skins from the now-finished 2022 skins is expected to be made public in the coming months. In addition, riot Games renewed its Give Back Bundle-inspired charity campaign, and the results are expected to be considerably better this time than in 2021.

VALORANT and LoL keep the developer among the world’s largest developers.

How do the numbers relate to LoL?

Riot Games is much less transparent when disclosing the money made from selling cosmetic items in LoL. For example, it has been some time since the increase in World Cup prizes attributable to skin sales was made public.

Our most recent information relates to Karma Warrior of Order, which generated a profit of $6 million. Although the figure is substantially lower, the statistic is somewhat misleading. While there are four excellent weapons in VALORANT for which skins can be created, there are almost 163 champions in LoL.

Thus, sales are much more dispersed. In addition, skins are added very frequently in LoL. This is a considerable selection of cosmetics.

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