The Overwatch 2 April Fools Patch 2024 Is Actually Fun

Blizzard Entertainment has resorted to the April Fools’ Day spirit with another sketchy, undone update for Overwatch 2. It... Stalingrad | 3. April 2024

Blizzard Entertainment has resorted to the April Fools’ Day spirit with another sketchy, undone update for Overwatch 2. It is an annual tradition amongst the game’s enthusiastic fanbase and this patch is no different.

In a move that should please players and hopefully give some laughs along the way, the developers have made a bunch of dumb decisions that over – hype or down-grade every hero on the roster. From Mauga turning into a microscopic “Smallga” to Ramattra’s death-bringing finale, this patch is guaranteed to bring both chaos and hilarity to death.

Mauga Shrinks to Comical Size


Perhaps the most notable addition to this April Fools’ patch is the diminutive version of tank hero Mauga, now called “Smallga.” Instead of being a massive hulk on the battlefield, Mauga has been reduced to a foot tall, shouting her name and only having 25 health points.

This change creates a hint of whimsy to the proceedings while causing players to reconsider their playstyles and strategies. Smallga is now one of the most undervalued heroes in the game thanks to his small frame – meaning players now need to move and position himself to survive.

Abilities Turned Into Absurd Extremes


But Mauga’s transformation is only the beginning of an iceberg. The patch notes list dozens of other tweaks that distort every hero’s abilities to near-absurd degrees.

For example, Ramattra’s ultimate ability has been turned into a cooldown so he can kill anyone around him at will. Sombra’s Virus ability now also spreads to nearby enemies if it kills its target – causing a chain reaction of chaos.

Brigitte, the veteran support hero, has been turned into “Bigitte,” a double her size topped by a massive shield. And Lifeweaver’s platform now carries players above half the map for a vertigo-inducing experience.

Embracing the Chaos with Googly Eyes and Inside Jokes


To add insult to injury, each hero has been given googly eyes and corny voice lines that play off inside jokes between the developers and the fandom. This care and willingness to embrace the chaos reflects the developers ‘desire to make an unforgettable April Fools’ experience.

This madness is available in the Arcade section of the main menu under “Balanced Overwatch” – a reference to the fundamental imbalance of these changes.

A Temporary Respite from Competitive Intensity


While this April Fools’ patch is really an update from the game’s typical competitive intensity, it is nevertheless a welcome breath of fresh air along with a celebration of the game’s community. By taking risks with the absurd and injecting some sarcasm into the mix, Blizzard has once again proved that Overwatch 2 is more than a game – it’s a place for imagination, teamwork and plain fun.

So whether you’re an old pro or a brand new Overwatch 2 player, this April Fools’ patch is your chance to let loose, create some mayhem and enjoy the humor of seeing your favorite heroes turned into corny cartoons.