The Game Awards launch custom voting Island in Fornite

In partnership with Fortnite, the Game Awards have released a custom map in the game that lets users vote... Shubh | 16. November 2023

In partnership with Fortnite, the Game Awards have released a custom map in the game that lets users vote for the best fan-made island of the year.

Soon after releasing the list of finalists, The Game Awards launched their very own island in Fortnite, where players can cast votes for their favorite user-made Fortnite island. This gives Fortnite players a novel and distinctive way to take part in the game’s voting system. This new Fortnite island, developed in collaboration with Nighttimes Inc. and Studio 568, has a gateway to the custom islands that have been nominated for this community category. Using the map code 0853-1358-8532, players can visit the The Game Awards Vote map in Fortnite from November 14 until December 6.

You will see a holographic video of host Geoff Keighley grinning from the center stage as soon as you arrive on the island. Keighley has already made an appearance as the face of the Ludens Fan in the video game Death Stranding, so this isn’t the first time he has shown up as a hologram. Following a quick glimpse at Geoff’s hologram, you will see a total of 28 statues for you to gather across the level at the top of your screen. You will get experience points (XP) for each statue you find, and you will get an additional XP bonus after you have collected all 28. To cast your vote, simply walk up to the island’s center hub and click the Vote button next to the user-created island you wish to support.

Fornite and TGA’s special collaboration brings an interactive voting system 

The Game Awards has honored Fortnite frequently since its release, with 16 nominations in total, but this collaboration introduced a dynamic and interactive voting experience for the community. This partnership takes voting to new imaginative heights, highlighted by the thoughtful consideration of a separate category, and a dedicated map created specifically for this collaboration. 

As of now, Fortnite has won three accolades: Best Multiplayer Game in 2018 and Best Ongoing Game in both 2018 and 2019. Additionally, the game is a nominee for the Best Ongoing Game category at The Game Awards 2023. But since Fortnite’s best custom map award isn’t part of the major TGA categories, it’s unclear if the Best Fortnite Island winner will be announced during the December 7 ceremony.

Here are the maps nominated for the “Best user-created Fortnite Island of the Year”:

  • Big Inflatable Deathrun (Bonnie-Kiwi)
  • Bugha’s End Game (Dignitas)
  • Canyon Race (bjumper)
  • Doomsday Raid (sigrs)
  • Fortnite Funland (NickEh30)
  • Fort Who (SpankySully)
  • Music Megaverse (Pridask)
  • Murder Mystery (Alliance)
  • Teddy (goodgamerslegacy)
  • Xplosive Deathrun (FutureTrash)

Header: The Gamer Awards/Fornite