The 10 Best Mid Laners to Escape Low ELO in LoL Season 14

To climb out of low ELO as a mid laner, you need champions that can carry games. We’ve compiled... Aleksandar | 24. April 2024

To climb out of low ELO as a mid laner, you need champions that can carry games.

We’ve compiled a list of the best mid laners to escape low ELO in season 14, categorized by ease of play and high impact. These recommendations are perfect for new and experienced players looking to climb quickly.

The 10 Best Mid Laners to Escape Low ELO in League of Legends

As games in low ELO tend to last longer due to poorer macro play, champions with strong scaling are valuable picks.

Focusing your champion pool on these top 10 mid laners will give you the tools needed to dominate lanes and 1v9 carry games throughout your climb.

1. Aurelion Sol (The Star Forger)

Aurelion Sol


As the number one pick, Aurelion Sol deserves your focus if you want true 1v9 carry potential. He scales exponentially with items and levels, dealing massive DPS as stars orbit him.

But unlike other scaling picks, his early laning is very safe – stars provide strong harass and wave clear without much risk.

This consistent pressure and farm advantage translate directly into late dominance. Plus, his Ult can single-handedly win team fights by catching multiple opponents.

Since players in low ELO often don’t watch the map closely, you can use this to your advantage and catch them off-guard more easily. Overall, Sol’s balanced scaling, safety, and massive team fight impact make him the ideal low ELO mid-carry.

2. Fizz (the Tidal Trickster)


Fizz is one of the fastest and most forgiving champions when it comes to eliminating opponents completely from a match. His quick moves and powerful attacks make him a nightmare for other players in low ELO.

In the early game, from levels 1 to 3, play cautiously. Then, once your minion wave is large, go on the offensive. This strategy often forces opponents out of their safe positions, making it hard for them to escape.

As the game progresses, Fizz can easily dominate because his abilities quickly take out most enemies before they can react. Purchasing an item such as Lich Bane greatly increases his threat, allowing you to overpower opponents effortlessly.

Moreover, avoid engaging in fights too early and instead look for opportunities to strike when enemies overlook your position.

Also, make sure to roam and use your ultimate ability whenever it’s available. Fizz’s presence on the map demands attention and respect, which helps relieve pressure from your teammates in other lanes and allows them to perform better.

3. Kassadin (the Void Walker)

Kassadin - best mid laners to escape low ELO

While Kassadin requires patience, his scaling gives him unparalleled 1v9 carry potential. He hard-counters most mages by negating their damage and then outscales them exponentially.

Build a defensive AP such as Rod of Ages to stabilize his weak early game. Then, archangels evolve into a huge shield and mana pool for damage. From there, Kass shatters anyone who dares match him – his mobility and damage reduction make him formidable.

Stretching low ELO games can make Kassadin overwhelmingly powerful, making it easy to assassinate carries while their allies struggle to lock him down. Enduring and playing patiently will lead to his oppressive late game.

4. Talon (the Blade’s Shadow)


Talon is among the best mid laners to escape low ELO due to his ability to apply pressure across the map rather than focusing solely on one-on-one battles.

Use Talon’s abilities for split pushing and roaming to confuse your opponents. Push the minion waves, then stealthily move through the river or sneak behind walls to ambush enemies where they least expect it.

Continuously secure kills, capture turret plates and repeat this process throughout the game. This champion is more effective when picking off isolated targets rather than engaging in full team fights, so avoid grouping too early.

Once you gain a lead, target distracted enemies in side lanes while your minions push toward their base.

Change up your movement patterns frequently to keep the enemy guessing about your next move. By playing to Talon’s strengths, few can withstand his relentless attacks. Maintain an active presence in the game, and you’ll accumulate League Points as you climb out of low ELO.

5. Annie (the Dark Child)

Annie - best mid laners to escape low ELO

For easy wins, look no further than Annie. Her ability to stun opponents with a simple point-and-click and the disruptive power of her summoned bear, Tibbers, make her a forgiving choice for players who might make occasional mistakes.

Focus on farming safely until you can coordinate with your jungler to secure easy summoner spells or kills. After reaching level 6, use your ultimate aggressively whenever you see groups of enemies. This will give you and your team a numerical advantage in fights.

Keep your passive ready to stun when your teammates are about to engage, enhancing your impact in ganks. Annie requires minimal mechanical skills, allowing you to focus on improving your overall game strategy.

Maintain your composure, work closely with your team, and gradually enhance your game sense. As you collect League Points and grow more comfortable with Annie, you’ll be well-prepared to handle champions that require more complex mechanics.

6. Naafiri (the Hound of a Hundred Bites)


Naafiri is an AP bruiser who possesses strong dual-threat potential. You can use your flexible skillset to farm safely or assist ganks. Once you reach mid-game, Eclipse’s early power spike turns you into a skirmish menace with shields for days.

You can identify picks by abusing camouflage and then perform a W-flash combo on someone who is a priority, taking them out of vision.

Don’t second guess yourself when it comes to engagements – just focus on dodging CC and dishing out consistent bursts. In the late game, your beefiness allows you to function as a secondary threat. You can draw aggro with clever ult angles and W mobility mind games.

7. Diana (the Scorn of the Moon)

Diana in league of legends best mid laners to escape low ELO

Diana is known as one of the best mid laners to escape low ELO because she instills fear with her powerful engagements and ability to reset her attacks.

Start by farming cautiously, then actively participate in team fights. Use her E ability to close in on vulnerable targets quickly and eliminate them to begin snowballing.

After reaching level 6, use Diana’s ultimate strategically for taking out multiple enemies at once. This is most effective when you can catch groups of opponents together. Pay close attention to important ability cooldowns to choose the optimal times to engage.

Although Diana might not provide as much utility as some other champions, her ability to single-handedly turn the tide of battle compensates for this. Enter battles with confidence, ready to reset your abilities upon securing kills.

By mastering Diana’s aggressive playstyle, you can dominate from the early stages of the game and maintain that momentum to lead your team to victory.

8. Ahri (the Nine-Tailed Fox)

Ahri - best mid laners to climb out of low ELO

Ahri is a highly flexible mobile assassin-mage who can be of great value to her team. Her ranged wave-clearing ability and charm utility make her an excellent choice for laning. During roaming, players can use her charm-flash-ultimate surprise assaults to pick off scattered targets. 

When it comes to team fights, it is important to prioritize backline access over solo kills. Players can either isolate priority targets or peel for their own team with well-timed charms. Ahri’s versatility makes her more forgiving of mechanical errors than most other champions.

To smoothly transition advantages, players should focus on pressuring sidelines or objectives. Ultimately, Ahri can carry low ELO players through their decision-making rather than their mechanics.

Players can steadily climb the ranks and achieve success by focusing on macro plays and picking up mechanics over time.

9. Ekko (the Boy Who Shattered Time)

Ekko - best mid laners to escape low ELO

Ekko is a top choice for climbing out of low ELO due to his forgiving nature and powerful abilities. His ranged attacks and passive shield make him a safe pick, even in tough matchups.

As the game progresses into the mid-stages, Ekko’s ability to quickly eliminate opponents becomes evident, especially against those with low defenses.

His real strength emerges when equipped with items such as Zhonya’s Hourglass and when using his ultimate. These tools make him nearly impossible to kill because he can rewind any damage taken.

Go into battles targeting the enemy carry, eliminate them, and then use your ultimate to return to safety.

This hit-and-run strategy allows Ekko to excel in games where opponents may not coordinate well, giving him several opportunities to impact the game significantly.

Investing time in mastering Ekko is beneficial – his mix of assassin efficiency and mage-like durability offers a versatile approach to winning games.

10. Malzahar (the Prophet of the Void)


Malzahar is an excellent choice for players looking to climb out of low ELO with a straightforward strategy. His ability to push lanes safely and continuously allows you to dominate your lane by forcing opponents to stay under their turret.

This pressure enables your team to move freely and support other lanes, giving them a chance to gain an advantage without opposition.

In team fights, Malzahar’s ultimate is key. It can immobilize a high-priority target without needing precise aim, temporarily removing one opponent from the fight. This allows Malzahar and his teammates to easily finish off the immobilized enemy and gain the upper hand.

Moreover, Malzahar’s straightforward, powerful attacks can frustrate opponents, leading them to make mistakes. These errors provide additional opportunities for you and your team to capitalize on.

Keep focusing on building your strength and effectively use your ultimate to influence the outcome of skirmishes.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right champion is crucial, and these best mid laners to escape low ELO are designed to boost your game. Each one is strong in the lane and can turn enemy mistakes into big wins.

As you play, focus on mastering their unique abilities and overall game strategies. Be open to trying new tactics and learning from each match.

Keep pushing forward, enjoy your games, and climb the ranks with these powerful picks. As you improve, you’ll see progress and enjoy more victories.