LCK Spring week 2 results

The second week of LCK Spring is over and things are quickly going in the direction indicated by last... Radu M. | 30. January 2024

The second week of LCK Spring is over and things are quickly going in the direction indicated by last year’s statistics. The only major question was whether T1 or Gen.G Esports would be the winner of the group stage. That question was answered on day 1, when Gen.G defeated T1 2 – 1.

Of course, things could still change over the next three weeks. But that’s unlikely to happen. The only thing that T1 can do is to win all of their matches and then hope that Gen.G Esports will lose at least once. Even if that doesn’t happen, the truly important phase of LCK Spring 2024 will be the playoffs. That’s where the true rankings of the split are decided.

Week 2 results

Week 2 of LCK Spring 2024 featured, as usual, 10 matches. Both T1 and Gen.G won twice. The only other team that managed to achieve this performance was Freecs. They defeated KT Rolster (2 – 1) and then NS RedForce (0 – 2).

For the big favorites, Gen.G and T1, the matches they had to play this week were quite challenging.

Gen.G lost game 1 against Dplus, and then made a comeback using Jayce and Tristana. T1 had a similar situation against KT Rolster. Once again, they tried to make Azir work, just as they did against Gen.G. But they failed. Then, to salvage the situation, they picked Corki and Orianna for Faker, who won games 2 and 3 almost on his own.

Most of the teams either won a game and lost the other, or lost both games. At the moment, there are three teams that have a very low number of wins: BRION (0 W – 4 L), DragonX (1 W – 3 L), and Nongshim RedForce (1 W – 3 L).

The two teams that are waiting for Gen.G to make a mistake are T1 (3 W – 1 L) and Hanwha Life Esports (3 W – 1 L). In the latter’s case, week 2 did not go entirely as planned. The first match, against FearX, was quite easy, but the one against T1 was a disaster.

Faker used Neeko and Orianna to defeat Hanwha’s Corki and was very successful with both of them. For the position 1 role, T1 picked Kalista and Varus.

Four teams currently have a record of 2 W – 2 L: Dplus, KT Rolster, FearX, and Freecs. All of them have a good chance of qualifying for the playoffs from one of the top six positions.

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