The longest immobilization abilities in League of Legends

As League players, we have all been there. Looking at the death recap while facing the grey screen, asking... Scott Kostov | 6. July 2022

As League players, we have all been there. Looking at the death recap while facing the grey screen, asking ourselves why we couldn’t move for more than 10 seconds. Well, chances are you might have been hit by at least one of the following abilities before you died.

With 160 unique champions in the League of Legends roster,  all of whom have unique abilities, learning every ability in the game might be hard. But the ones the League community remembers the most are the ones that cause the most suffering. Crowd control in League can be applied in various ways, and these are the top five longest-lasting immobilization abilities in League.

05. Neeko E Ability

Our list starts off with Neeko’s E Ability called Tangle Barbs. When activated, Neeko slings a spiral in the targeted direction that does magic damage and roots them for a duration. The root duration scales from 0,7 seconds to 1,6 at max rank but there is a catch.

If the root passes through another enemy, it becomes empowered and lasts three seconds at max rank! Combined with her Ultimate, Everfrost, and Glacial Augment, we now begin to understand why no one likes to play versus Neeko in ARAM.

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04. Morgana Q Ability

Surely, everyone reading this article knew we can’t have this kind of a list without our dark queen Morgana. Her arsenal of Crowd Control abilities has been etched into the memories of all League players, and the most blame for that is her signature ability, Dark Binding. Dread it, run from it, but if you get hit, you are as good as dead.

A three-second root duration on a max range and max rank Dark Binding is what every League player’s nightmares are made of. With a projectile speed of 1200, you better have fast reaction times or bring Cleanse as your summoner spell when facing Morgana.

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03. Aurelion Sol Q Ability

Aurelion Sol has been one of the most unpopular and neglected champions in the game, and because of that many League players don’t know how he really works. What they do know for certain, is that when the Star Forger Dragon is flying at them with a large star, it’s going to be painful. Starsurge is Sol’s Q ability which he fires off into a targeted direction that keeps growing as long as it is in the outer limit and Aurelion Sol is guiding it.

When the start detonates, by hitting an enemy or being recast, it deals magic damage to all nearby enemies and stunning them for a duration, which is increased by 300% based on the distance traveled. If that doesn’t sound scary, how about a star that takes up 10% of the entire Rift and stuns for three seconds.

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02. Karma Mantra W (R+W)

Karma has been a part of the game long enough for players to find a way to counter her properly. We all know how annoying she can be with her poke in lane, and when she shields and speeds up her entire team. But only top laners have felt the real suffering that tank Karma can inflict. She slows you, she damages you, she outruns you, she roots you, and she never dies.

Her W called Focused Resolve, does damage and creates a tether between Karma and her target. If the tether is not broken in the two seconds in lasts, it will root the target for two seconds at max rank. The scary part is that the root is extended by 1,25 seconds if Karma uses an empowered W or Mantra W. 3,25 seconds of crowd control while she keeps abusing her passive and cooldowns, makes for a really unenjoyable experience.

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0.1 Ashe R Ultimate ability

The Frost Archer herself, Ashe, takes the top spot on our list with her ultimate ability. Ashe fires an Enchanted Crystal Arrow in a target direction that shatters only upon hitting an enemy champion. But when it does, it deals magic damage to them, stunning them from one to 3,5 seconds (based on distance travelled) and giving them a sight of the area around them for 1 second. With 600 base damage at max rank and a 100% ability power scaling, getting hit with an AP Ashe ultimate in ARAM feels like a torpedo.

It’s a global ability but the maximum stun duration is achieved once the arrow has flown over 2800 units. For context, her W has a range of 1200 units and that arrow stuns for only two seconds. To get the full 3,5-second stun duration, Ashe’s arrow must travel Xerath’s max Q range two times! In practice that’s an arrow shot from behind the Dragon or Baron pit hitting an enemy standing in front of his outer Mid tower.

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