TENCENT to release an Apex Legends Mobile clone in China

Apex Legends Mobile is one of the games that has caused the most excitement in the mobile gaming consumer... Maria | 31. March 2023

Apex Legends Mobile is one of the games that has caused the most excitement in the mobile gaming consumer community. However, with only a year on the market, the game developer has announced that the game will no longer be playable as of tomorrow, May 1.

However, while EA is canceling its game, Tencent is recreating a copy of Apex Legends Mobile for release in the Chinese market. Images of Tencent’s new game have already been seen on Twitter.

TENCENT to release an Apex Legends Mobile clone in China

Thanks to the Twitter account “TheLeakerBot,” it has been revealed that the game developed by Tencent is supposedly a clone of Apex Legends Mobile. According to the information revealed, this game is intended to be launched in the Chinese market; the game’s Chinese name translates to “High Energy Heroes.”

Even this new Tencent game has already been approved by the Chinese government to be launched in the market. According to the information, High Energy Heroes will be released very soon; now, pre-registrations for the game are active.

It is said that the game will be a copy of Apex Legends Mobile, as the images that could be seen feature some very popular Apex Legends.

Gameplay of Tencent’s new game

At the moment, the game developers have not shown how the gameplay of their new title will be. However, it is important to note that Apex Legends Mobile never reached the Chinese market during the year it was on the air.

No details have yet been revealed whether Tencent’s new game will be a standalone release or work in partnership with EA. However, in case Tencent and EA are working together, there could be a possibility that the title will be released in other regions outside of China.

Copies of mobile games

Copies or clones of games are not new, but in the mobile gaming industry, copies are usually very explicit. There are countless cases where some developers have copied other games already on the market. An example of this would be the game released by NetEase, “Hyper Front,” a clone of VALORANT.

The developers of Hyper Front did not hide that they were copying from Riot Games; this game has cloned the characters, the game mechanics, and the maps; in short, they have not thought of anything for this title.

According to some reports, Riot Games has already taken legal action against NetEase for cloning VALORANT. The legal action is currently in the courts of several countries.

The NetEase case is not the only case of copying a video game; another example is the version of Rainbow Six released by Ejoy. The copy of Rainbow Six is known as “Area F2”.

Legal action was also taken in this case of plagiarism, and Ubisoft filed a lawsuit against Ejoy. As a result, the game was removed from the Android and Apple app stores. Moreover, Area F2 was canceled.

As we mentioned earlier, Tencent’s new game could be a collaboration with EA. But in case it is not, Tencent would be exposed to a lawsuit.

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