PS5 Pro Leaks: Everything We Know So Far

While the PS5 which was released 3 years ago remains a powerful gaming machine the world of consoles moves... Stalingrad | 19. March 2024

While the PS5 which was released 3 years ago remains a powerful gaming machine the world of consoles moves quite fast due to advancing trends in technology. If rumors and leaks are any indication, then Sony could unveil a redesigned “PS5 Pro” model sooner than you think.

Leaked PS5 Pro Specs


Insider Gaming, one of the most accurate sources of Gaming news, has provided the biggest PS5 Pro leak so far. Additionally, they report the PS5 Pro will provide a substantial performance boost over the base PS5. 

On the CPU front, the Pro will use the very same AMD Ryzen Zen two processor although clocking at a greater 3.85GHz than the PS5’s 3.5GHz. That’s 10% faster CPU speed. The real powerhouse, however, looks to be the GPU.

Insider Gaming claims that the PS5 Pro will get a new AMD RDNA 3 GPU with a monstrous 33.5 teraflops of performance. The base PS5 GPU on average is 10.28 teraflops. That’s almost a 200% jump in graphics power – which could equate to insanely high frame rates and resolutions.

The rumored new PSSR (PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution Upscaling) technology could see the PS5 Pro aiming for 4K 60fps gaming as a baseline, with 8K 30fps or possibly 4K 120fps gaming, as detailed in the leaked specs. PSSR looks like Sony’s answer to AMD’s FSR and Nvidia’s DLSS upscaling tech – all AI – assisted for faster frame rates.

Other spec boosts on the PS5 Pro reportedly include up to 576GB / s system memory bandwidth (compared to 448GB / s on PS5) and a 300 TOPS AI accelerator chip for tasks such as PSSR upscaling.

PS5 Pro Release Date

ps3 release

Sony has not revealed its PS5 Pro plans officially, but some rumors place the upgraded console on a late 2024 release. Among other sources, Insider Gaming notes that the PS5 Pro “is still on track to launch in late 2024.”

A holiday 2024 release would fit the typical upgrade pattern we’ve seen from previous PlayStation Pro models. PS4 Pro launched in November 2016 approximately three years after the base PS4. A November 2024 release for the PS5 Pro seems reasonable if Sony is looking to repeat that mid-generation cycle.

Sony would also likely want to push the PS5 Pro into holiday sales. It said it recently lowered its overall PS5 sales target from 25 million units to 21 million units due to the chip shortage. A shiny new PS5 Pro alongside the rumored PS5 Slim could rekindle hardware interest for 2024’s shopping season.

What Will the PS5 Pro Cost?

ps5 pro render by Latif Ghouali

Pricing is one of the biggest remaining mysteries around the PS5 Pro, with clashing rumors pointing in different directions. Some insiders suggest Sony will stick to the $499/£449 MSRP of the launch PS5, keeping the Pro upgrade affordable for existing PS5 owners.

However, the substantial hardware upgrades may necessitate a price premium. Respected leaker Moore’s Law is Dead has revealed that the PS5 Pro will launch at up to USD 700. That isn’t entirely unprecedented because the PS3 launched in 2006 for between USD 499 and USD 599.

When it does land in stores, however,  we predict the PS5 Pro price will be around USD 549 to USD 649. Nevertheless, Sony could use varying pricing strategies in different markets to persuade the new hardware to launch.

PS5 Pro Design Rumors and What We Know


On the design front, there are far fewer credible leaks or rumors about the PS5 Pro’s look and feel. The most noteworthy report comes from Insider Gaming, which states the PS5 Pro will use the same detachable disk drive as the rumored PS5 Slim revision. This modular drive design would allow PS5 owners to reuse their existing drive with the Pro model.

Otherwise, we suspect the PS5 Pro will have to get a bigger overall chassis than the PS5 Slim to fit its powerful GPU and associated cooling solution. But whether this results in an entirely new case design or just a bigger version of the PS5’s existing look, remains to be seen.

Given how iconic and distinct the PS5’s curved shoulder wing design is, our bet is on Sony keeping the overall aesthetic mostly intact for the Pro model. Perhaps with some visual enhancements like LEDs or a new two-tone color scheme to help the Pro stand out.

What to Expect From the PS5 Pro: Closing Thoughts

When will the Sony PlayStation 5

While Sony itself has been silent on PS5 Pro plans, the sheer volume of credible leaks makes it seem all but confirmed at this point. If the hardware rumors are accurate, the PS5 Pro will offer a staggering generational leap in performance over the launch PS5, perhaps even outmuscling the Xbox Series X.

Combined with software innovations like Sony’s PSSR upscaling, the PS5 Pro could make 8K gaming an affordable reality this console generation. Or it could mean more consistent and smoother 4K 60fps across the board.

In case the PS5 Pro launches in late 2024 as planned, it could spark new interest in the PlayStation ecosystem and next-gen gaming experiences. And arguably more crucially for Sony, it could fuel another wave of hardware sales after the PS5’s first few years were badly affected by chip shortages and supply chain issues.

Stay tuned for more official PS5 Pro details from Sony over the coming months. The rumor mill might be churning away, but the company must lay out its real next-gen console plans sooner than later.