New LTM Gun Run coming to Apex Legends

Apex Legends is getting a new limited-time mode called Gun Run, and it definitely packs a punch. So far,... Fragster | 16. September 2022

Apex Legends is getting a new limited-time mode called Gun Run, and it definitely packs a punch. So far, Apex Legends limited-time game modes have been really fun and kept players coming back for more. That’s why Apex fans have high hopes for this mode.

Whether you’ve been playing Apex Legends since its release or you’re new to this fast-paced battle royale game, Gun Run will provide tons of fun for all players. Here’s how to play Gun Run in Apex Legends.

How to play Gun Run in Apex Legends

First of all, Gun Run is only a limited-time mode, so it will not be available permanently. In fact, it will only last until the Apex Legends Beast of Prey event is over, meaning that Gun Run will only be available for a few weeks.

Gun Run in Apex Legends works similarly to many other Gun Games in other first-person shooter games. The main idea is that you have to get kills with every weapon. Even if you’re not the best with them, you still have to make kills!

However, you only have to get one kill with each weapon. You start with a gun and once you get a kill with that weapon, you’ll switch to the next weapon. If you are the first to use all 25 weapons and get 25 kills, you are the winner of the Apex Legends Gun Run!

Perks of the mode

When you enter the Gun Run in Apex Legends, you are assigned to a three-man team. Then you face off against three other squads of the same size. Before you jump into the match, you can take a look at the two starting weapons you have. There is one pretty cool feature though. If you’re the squad player with the most kills, you simply level up in the next weapon with each kill.

If you’re behind, your next kill will always get you to the turret the squad leader is standing by to even things out a bit. You get automatic respawns, infinite ammo, and the healing items are plentiful. The areas you will play in are either Skulltown or Fragment East from World’s Edge.

When will Gun Run appear in Apex Legends?

Gun Run will go live with the Beast of Prey Collection Event on September 20 and will be removed from Apex on October 4. The event only lasts for two weeks, so you should make the most of the limited time mode as it’s hard to say if and when it will return.

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