Netflix and cheat? Allegations of Valorant cheating rock ID’s pro scene

INDONESIA (January 27) – Rumors about a potential cheating incident in Indonesia’s competitive Valorant scene are making the rounds... Paolo | 27. January 2024

INDONESIA (January 27) – Rumors about a potential cheating incident in Indonesia’s competitive Valorant scene are making the rounds on social media.

Indonesian caster Rere “Bredel” Bintoro first shared the incident through an Instagram story of a photo showing a computer folder containing the supposed cheats. It was labeled “Fantech Audio” – Fantech being the name of a peripherals manufacturer – and assumed to have contained audio files.

In Bredel’s post, a series of files, as well as one named “netflix.exe” was shown.

Further dissection by Indonesian VCT caster Antonius “Son” Wilson on his YouTube channel showed how the said cheating software was supposed to work through deactivating Vanguard, Riot Games’ anti-cheat feature, and installing what appears to be an aimbot or aim assisting software.

On social media, comparisons are being drawn to this incident to the infamous “word.exe” cheating file used by Nikhil “forsaken” Kumawat, who cheated in a LAN tournament for CS:GO back in 2018.

Valo2Asia, who first broke the story, also cited a statement saying that Tokyo Revengers’ first opponent during the bracket, Punten Jagoan, expressed suspicions about how TKY was performing in-game. “The player expressed a suspicion that their positions in the game were being known similar to facing a cheater in the game,” Punten Jagoan told Valo2Asia.

In the tournament Discord server, a representative for Tokyo Revengers posted a statement, saying one of their players, Mica, used to have cheating software before joining their roster. The representative said, Mica did not use any cheats during their tournament run.

“My friends and I firmly declare that Player Mica#999 did not use illegal programs, this fact can be confirmed because it has passed the Anti-cheat process and Tournament Eligibility Requirements checks,” the representative posted on Discord, and translated by Fragster for brevity.

“The drama began because we defeated the P10 team with a score of 13-7 (Split) and behind this match, Some of the members of the P10 team are players who know each other & come from the same city as player Mica#999,” TKY’s representative added.

Tokyo Revengers’ squad have been eliminated from competition last January 25.

League officials and the tournament organizer have yet to issue public statements about the issue. – Paolo Barcelon, Fragster.com