Fragster | 2. August 2022

Riot Games nerfs Chamber following community demands

Riot has finally heard the demands and pleas of the VALORANT community and decided to nerf Chamber again. Because the agent has completely overrun the meta, the nerf is intended to provide more balance.

Riot Games’ Jeff Landa has revealed the PBE nerfs for Chamber after weeks of players and fans begging developers to nerf the agent for dominating the meta too much. Chamber was added to VALORANT in Act 3 Episode 3 and really shook up the meta.

Chamber as the most popular agent

Since Chamber was added last winter, he has established himself as a big favorite in terms of pick rate and win rate, especially at the Masters Copenhagen event that took place just recently. His abilities generally focus on firepower while his utility is secondary. Despite his strength, the player base has been asking for a nerf for some time. It looks like they’ll get their way too, as Jeff Landa, developer at Riot Games, revealed all the details on a nerf to Chamber that’s currently in public beta testing.

Riot reveals chamber nerf being tested

In a tweet on Saturday, July 30, Landa revealed the nerf, which is currently available in beta, ahead of its expected full-game implementation. Testing agent balance in closed environments is typical for Riot, and assuming the stats reflect Riot’s intention, they’ll likely be added in a future update.

The first change affects Chamber’s signature ability “Rendezvous”, the cooldown time of which has been increased by 50%, from 20 to 30 seconds. The cooldown time of his teleport has been also increased to 45 seconds when an anchor is destroyed, and the radius has been reduced from 21 meters to 15 meters. Chamber’s Trademark core ability has had its slow duration reduced from 9.5 seconds to 6 seconds.

His other base ability, Headhunter, has also been nerfed by increasing the cost of the bullets from 100 to 150. The powerful ultimate ability “Tour De Force” now requires 8 ultimate points instead of 7. Also, the duration of the slow has been reduced from 9.5 seconds to 6 seconds in the same way as Trademark.

Fans rejoice

Because the changes have been requested by the VALORANT player base for a long time time, the community was naturally happy about the announcement. With every aspect of Chamber’s gear nerfed, we can assume that he won’t dominate the meta once these changes are implemented into the game. No official date for the next VALORANT update has yet been announced.

Header: Riot Games