MrBeast Appears to Confirm League of Legends Gaming Team

Leading streamer and content creator Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson has made no secret of his desire to own his own... Pablo | 6. November 2020

Leading streamer and content creator Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson has made no secret of his desire to own his own League of Legends team, however the American has recently admitted that something could in fact already be in the works. While the team will not be set up until the new season starts, or potentially even later, MrBeast let slip his plans on a recent 24 hour stream.

During the stream, in which the popular Esports personality was signing merchandise for fans, MrBeast answered a series of questions from those watching. One of the most intriguing questions surrounded his plans to start a League of Legends team, which the 22-year-old simply answered by saying “yes”.

What MrBeast Had to Say on the Matter

MrBeast did offer a few more details however, stating: “Oh yeah, not even thinking, it’s happening. Just give me a little bit of time. We have so much going on with this channel, the side channel, and all of the other companies…so definitely not this season or the Summer Split either. But we are definitely going to have a Beast Gaming League of Legends team—100 percent.”

Having previously been coy when commenting on the matter, MrBeast’s latest response comes as exciting news for fans in the League of Legends scene. Continuing, Donaldson stated that: “I definitely want [a League team]. I don’t want to say too much of what I have planned…I spend so much time watching, so I was just like ‘I might as well be watching one of my teams.’”

What a New League of Legends Team Could Mean for the Scene

It is likely that MrBeast offered further details upon the potential creation of a League of Legends team to avoid dedicating an entire Twitter thread to the matter. Ever since Donaldson first made it clear of his wish to own his very own League of Legends team, a host of figures within the industry have showed interest in collaborating with the streamer. With MrBeast having attracted some 46 million YouTube subscribers to date, this comes as no surprise, with TSM and Fnatic CEO Sam Matthews being among the parties who are following the case with interest.