BREAKING: Student MLBB coach named in MDL-PH match-fixing scandal, org kicks him out

(1st UPDATE) – Organizers of the MLBB Development League (MDL) Philippines are now investigating reports of tournament misconduct. In a... Paolo | 25. April 2024

(1st UPDATE) – Organizers of the MLBB Development League (MDL) Philippines are now investigating reports of tournament misconduct.

In a brief statement, MDL Philippines Season 3 organizers said they are already looking into these reports.

“MDL Philippines seeks to uphold professionalism and does not condone match-fixing and any activities that will compromise the integrity of our tournament,” MDL Philippines organizers said on their social media pages.

This was after the Filipino MLBB community was greeted by a match-fixing scandal in the country’s biggest esports leagues Thursday afternoon. 

AP Bren head coach Francis “Ducky” Glindro made a bombshell allegation on his social media, posting a photo of the personal Facebook profile of Jigen Paul “Jigen Paul” Masangkay, a former coach of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) Teletigers Esports Club’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team.

In the screenshots obtained by Glindro, he alleged Masangkay of match fixing operations, showing Masangkay’s account messaging an unknown person, offering PHP 100,000 (around US$1,730) to throw three games in both the MLBB Development League (MDL) and the MLBB Professional League (MPL).




Glindro also wrote on his social media, “I will find out whoever this guy is working with and some other people who fixes matches and deal with you so efn good you won’t forget about me. You’re a disgrace of a Head Coach.”

Before posting the screenshots, Ducky also wrote, “If you fixed your matches in MDL PH S3, best believe I will find out and you are all going home. You know who you are and I’m coming for you.”


Fragster.com cannot independently confirm the screenshots posted by Glindro, but the person being contacted apparently refused the offer.

Multiple other screenshots are also circulating online, but as of posting time, it is still unclear which specific instances did Jigen Paul take part in match fixing.

As a result of the incident, The Teletigers immediately kicked out Masangkay.


In a statement issued on its social media platforms, the Teletigers said, “due to the allegations and accusations of match-fixing, fraud, and other unsportsmanlike behavior, the organization had decided to terminate his Collegiate Esports Staff Agreement due to his alleged involvement in a match-fixing issue in MDL/MPL and his inability to perform his responsibilities as a coach to one of our teams, specifically Team C.”

TGR also noted that he had been inactive in the org since November of 2023, and that the org had been made completely unaware of his actions outside of the esports org.

“With this, effective immediately, Jigen Paul is terminated and permanently banned from any organizational activities and future events,” Teletigers’ statement added.

Masangkay started his coaching career for UST in August of 2023.

“Teletigers Esports Club was built on the value of excellence both in-game and out of it as a collegiate organization. The external actions of Jigen Paul in MDL/MPL is NOT a reflection of the organization’s values and its members,” UST Teletigers MLBB Head Coach and MPL Philippines esports talent Theo “Uomi” Ignacio said in his Facebook post.

Uomi added that the organization is ready to help in any investigation into Masangkay’s activities, telling Fragster in a text message, “If nudged by OSA (UST Office of Student Affairs), TGR will fully cooperate with them because the organization believes in integrity and competence.”

Uomi also clarified that the org did not benefit in any way from Jigen Paul’ activities.

“TGR never benefited from anything of monetary value from Jigen Paul. The only thing we got out of him was his coaching services for one major tournament,” Uomi told Fragster.

Before his stint in the Teletigers, Jigen Paul was part of Nexplay and Rumble Royale as a streamer and key opinion leader. He had also engaged in campaigns involving online betting and online casino operations outside of his UST duties.

Fragster.com has repeatedly reached out to Jigen Paul for his side of the issue via text message and direct messaging, but he has yet to respond to our requests for an interview.