New Fortnite Skin for Midas Revealed: A Golden Comeback

Epic Games has finally answered the wishes of Fortnite fans worldwide – Midas, the iconic gold-wielding character, is making... Stalingrad | 19. March 2024

Epic Games has finally answered the wishes of Fortnite fans worldwide – Midas, the iconic gold-wielding character, is making his long-awaited return. With Chapter 5 Season 2’s Myths & Mortals theme diving into ancient Greek lore, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for Midas and his deadly golden touch to join the fray.

When Is the Midas Skin Coming to Fortnite?

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According to official teasers from Epic, the new Midas outfit will arrive in Fortnite on Tuesday, March 19th as part of the v29.01 game update. This release date aligns with persistent leaks and rumors that Midas would resurface during Chapter 5 Season 2, having been trapped in the Underworld realm.

As the legendary Greek king who turned everything he touched into solid gold, Midas is primed to play a pivotal role in Season 2’s overarching mythology storyline. His return conveniently coincides with the island’s new Greek gods and deities, including the arrival of Hades himself in the fiery Grim Gate point of interest.

What to Expect From Midas’ Return

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While Fortnite’s iconic Battle Pass skins often undergo visual overhauls each season, all signs point to the returning Midas retaining his signature golden aesthetic. According to leaks, the new Season 2 Midas will indeed sport his trademark all-gold look, complete with two fully golden hands that turn gear instantly into precious metal.

However, Epic is expected to put a fresh mythological spin on the character to tie into the Greek inspiration for Myths & Mortals. Leaked details suggest Midas will rise from The Underworld, with the deity Hades playing a key role in resurrecting the cursed king and his legendary golden touch ability.  

Upon release, Midas is rumored to take over as the new boss character aboard the Marigold ship landmark on the western edge of the Season 2 map. There, he’ll likely stake his claim with unique mythic weapons and items only he can dish out – including the leaked “Chains of Hades” mythic item.

The Midas Drum Gun and More Coming in v29.01

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Beyond just the man himself, Midas’ return will also mark the debut of his signature weapon for the first time – the Midas Drum Gun. Capable of spraying endless golden bullets, this new take on the classic Drum Gun will make for a must-have weapon to pair with Midas’ outfit and abilities.

But that’s not all coming in the v29.01 update slated for March 19th. Epic has teased the reactivation of the popular Floor is Lava LTM mode, which transforms the island’s terrain into a deadly molten surface that engulfs players who linger too long. Could Midas’ scorching golden touch be connected to the LTM’s explosive return?

Finally, leakers point to the possibility of Marigold – Midas’ equally gold-obsessed daughter from Chapter 2 – rejoining the item shop alongside her father’s new skin release. Her Golden Touch Quest Pack previously allowed players to turn eliminated foes into solid gold, making it a logical tie-in content offering.

Why Midas’ Comeback Is a Golden Opportunity  


On paper, Midas’ dramatic reappearance ticks all the boxes for an exciting mid-season unvault event that’s sure to reinvigorate interest in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2. By leaning into beloved legacy character lore and integrating Greek mythology, Epic can stoke nostalgia while breathing new life into the memorable persona.

From a gameplay perspective, Midas’ golden touch powers also open the door for fresh, one-of-a-kind mechanics and features. His mythic weapons and abilities could singlehandedly shake up the established meta and force players to rethink offensive and defensive strategies. And his presence may hint at even more surprises to come as the overarching Myths & Mortals narrative unfolds.

More broadly, Midas embodies the precise caliber of must-have, limited-time content drops that continually bring lapsed players back into the Fortnite fold each season. His cult following and rarity factor are sure to spark serious hype and fear-of-missing-out mania amongst the fan base. Casual players will race to complete challenges and spend V-Bucks to secure the golden king before his reign ends.  

Mark Your Calendars for a Golden Tuesday

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Whether you’re a day-one Midas disciple or a recruit, all eyes in the Fortnite community should be fixated on Tuesday, March 19th. That’s when Epic’s v29.01 update will unload its greatest treasure yet– the bodacious return of Midas and his reality-altering golden touch.

From new gameplay twists to narrative story beats, auxiliary item shop offerings, and inevitable mid-season live events, Midas’ comeback has the potential to be a seminal moment for Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2. Clever tie-ins with ancient Greek lore only elevate the character’s intrigue and appeal.

The real question is: when the prodigal Midas emerges from The Underworld and lays his golden hands on Apollo’s island, will you get turned to gold and become part of his treasured collection? There’s only one way to find out. Clear your calendars and prepare for Midas’ advent on the fateful date of 3/19.