LCS commisioner Jackie Felling resigns

The LCS Commissioner Jackie Felling is retiring from leadership in the North American League of Legends esports to focus... Fragster | 12. April 2023

The LCS Commissioner Jackie Felling is retiring from leadership in the North American League of Legends esports to focus on her mental well-being.

Felling was responsible for some of the changes to the broadcast that the LCS has seen this season. Although the changes haven’t reflected in viewership figures yet, most fans have taken them positively. 

Felling says goodbye to LCS

During her 14 months-long tenure in the role of the head of LCS, Felling was focused on changing the image of LCS and reviving its popularity among esports viewers. Some of the key changes she implemented during this time include the revamp of the broadcast structure, an upgrade of LCS content, and the switch of schedule from weekends to weekdays. 

Felling commented on her LCS journey:

“While there is so more that I had hoped to accomplish, I am proud of where we have landed with the product. We set out to invigorate the LCS with a player-focused, entertaining, and authentic community broadcast that allowed our talent to be the best they can be, and showcased the best personalities and content we have to offer.”

Felling has put the LCS on the right track

While the LCS hasn’t seen large increases in viewership, the response from fans has been mostly positive, particularly regarding the changes to LCS broadcasting. The LCS’s player-centric approach was implemented under Felling through weekly appearances by players, league streamers, and community members at the Analyst Desk.

No replacement for Felling has yet been announced, but Riot is expected to do so ahead of the LCS Summer Split.

Esports and Mental Health

By now, the esports scene is well aware of the problem of the pressure placed on players, and many esports organizations are doing a lot to relieve their protégés and boost their mental health. Otherwise, it can happen that sooner or later the players break down due to burnout.

A well-known case from Counter-Strike was the Astralis player Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth, who took a break in 2020 due to burnout and is now playing competitively for his team again. His teammate Lukas “ gla1ve ” Rossander also suffered from burnout.

When you’re losing, doubting yourself, and maybe even getting death threats from fans, it’s no wonder players suffer from the stress. This can quickly become a vicious circle if you are not supported.

But what is much less talked about is the fact that there are other positions in esports that work under high pressure. This definitely includes managing the entire broadcast in the region and sometimes just taking a break helps.

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