VCT Game Changers 2023 will return to Sao Paulo

VALORANT professional athletes are getting ready to kick off the new season with a bang, and Riot has already... Maria | 21. March 2023

VALORANT professional athletes are getting ready to kick off the new season with a bang, and Riot has already announced where the new edition of VCT Game Changers will be held.

For the second time this year, a VALORANT tournament will be held in Brazil; the Riot Studios esports arena in São Paulo will be the venue for the competition.

Last year the event was held in Berlin and proved to be a huge success, breaking all possible records for women’s esports. For this year, the event organizers have made it clear that the focus of Game Changers is inclusion and diversity.

However, the announcement of the venue where the tournament will take place has not pleased the VALORANT community.

Professional gamers complain about the choice of venue

As mentioned, the venue for Game Changers has not gone well with professional gamers and the VALORANT community.

The choice of Riot Studios Sao Paulo has generated a lot of controversies, and people have let their opinion be known. The biggest complaint about the venue is the arena’s seating capacity.

According to Liquipedia’s VALORANT Twitter account, the arena’s maximum capacity is 150 people, which is a significant problem.

On the other hand, Version 1 captain Melanie “meL” Capone has also expressed her opinion and comments that she is not a fan of the venue chosen by Riot nor the format planned for the event.

She adds that having only eight teams at an annual international competition is too few, and only 150 people can attend is not enough.

On the other hand, Brazilian caster Letícia Motta has also expressed her opinion. Letícia commented that she hoped that the division of slots would be a little different this year, given the growth of the inclusive scene, and that 12 teams would be suitable for this event.

Low seating capacity

Many people see the choice of the Brazilian venue as a lack of growth and development. Last year the Berlin venue of Game Changers also had a capacity of 150 people; however, this year, the growth of women’s esports has to be considered.

People have commented that things have worsened instead of growing, given that they can only accommodate 142 people at the event this year.

Twitter has been the perfect place for everyone to express their opinion and dissatisfaction with the event’s organization. Some players and teams, such as Guild X, G2 Gozen, and others, have let their opinion be known.

Riot Games response

Riot Games is known for its quick response to community concerns, and this time has been no different. VALORANT’s Global Director of Esports, Leo Faria, has commented that the organization believes that all studios around the world are of a similar size.

Leo Faria believes that the choice of Brazil as the venue is correct; he also comments that they do not intend to grow the Game Changers Championship to Masters size. They really want women to compete in both Champions and Masters.

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