LCK final breaks viewership records

Just two days ago, we enjoyed the Back-to-Back achieved by Gen.G in the LCK when they defeated the tournament... Eduardo | 11. April 2023

Just two days ago, we enjoyed the Back-to-Back achieved by Gen.G in the LCK when they defeated the tournament favorites, T1, in the Spring Split 2023 grand final. However, that was not the only record that has made history in the League of Legends competitive scene, as the match peaked at 1,463,312 viewers, which broke the league record.

There is no doubt that the popularity of League of Legends increases as the years go by, and the main proof of that is that almost 1.5 million viewers simultaneously watched the grand finals match is a great achievement for the league. In addition, the record set this season surpasses the Spring Split 2022 final by almost 100,000 spectators.

LCK breaks records in viewership for the final

According to Esports Charts, the grand final between T1 and Gen.G of the LCK broke the viewership record with a peak of 1,463,312 viewers.

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Credits: Esports Charts

Furthermore, these statistics demonstrate how League of Legends has grown. On the other hand, it is worth noting that, in all historical records regarding LCK viewership, one of the teams involved has always been T1.

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Credits: Esports Charts

Gen.G managed to lift the champions trophy for the second consecutive Split, as let’s remember that they did it in the Summer Split 2022, beating T1 in the grand final with a score of 3-0. While this shows coolness and great consistency on the part of Gen.G in defining instances, this match ranks among the top three in terms of an audience of 2023 in the esports scene. It is worth noting that the top two on this list are Mobile Legends: Bang Bang events.

T1 are present in the records

As we mentioned, the three-time world champions and the team of the “Demon King,” Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, have been present in each of the historical records regarding viewership. In addition to setting the figure of 1,463,312 viewers in the match against Gen.G, T1 had 1,077,642 viewers against KT Rolster in the playoffs.

Furthermore, if we compare these figures with those of Gen.G, we can mention a notable difference, as the first game of the LCK champions did not reach 950,000 spectators.

Rivalry in the LCK

As mentioned, T1 has been present in all the audience records implemented in the LCK. However, most of these matches have been against Gen.G; four have exceeded one million fans watching the match simultaneously on the official broadcasts.

The only exception we can note is the LCK Summer Split 2021 final, where T1 faced DWG KIA (now Dplus KIA), which peaked at 1,315,849 viewers.

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