FURIA Are Close to Elimination at ESL Pro League S19

FURIA Esports started ESL Pro League S19 with major deficiencies, so they were expected to get an average result... Radu M. | 2. May 2024

FURIA Esports started ESL Pro League S19 with major deficiencies, so they were expected to get an average result or perhaps even get eliminated in the group stage. But nobody expected them to lose every match.

Now, after two consecutive losses, they only have one chance left to prove that the situation is not as bad as it looks. From the outside, it is hard to be optimistic about their chances. Losing against Team Liquid was understandable but losing against FORZE Esports was not, especially in the manner in which they did: 7 – 13 on Nuke and 0 – 13 on Overpass.

How do you even lose 0 – 13 on your map pick? It’s absolutely incredible. But, of course, it can happen if you’re facing world-class teams without having a solid game plan.

FURIA’s Current Situation

FURIA changed their IGL after many years and FalleN took his place. However, the team also has a 19-year-old who needs to be properly integrated before anything good could happen.

For kye, who is new to all of this, every single round is a struggle. His individual scores in the first two matches of the tournament were abysmal: 26 – 42 against Liquid and 11 – 26 against FORZE.

Looking at these stats without knowing anything about FURIA, you’d be tempted to think that he’s the IGL. But he isn’t. In the coming months, kye will need to improve a lot if he wants to remain a FURIA player at least until the end of the season.

On top of that, FalleN will need to find a way to teach his methodology to his teammates. His style is quite unique and very different from arT’s, which makes it challenging to learn. FURIA have had a pretty stable roster over the years, so the players are very used to the old style.

In a sense, they are right-handed and now they need to start playing with their left hand. It’s extremely challenging and cannot be done successfully after just one week of practice.

The Results

FURIA lost 1 – 2 against Liquid but the map scores were not good at all. They were dominated on two of the three maps, partly because Liquid are a great team and partly because they themselves play poorly at this point.

The match against FORZE was an even bigger disaster. Now we’re waiting for the third match of the group stage, which will be played against Bad News Kangaroos. Hopefully, it will go better than the first two matches.

Header: FURIA Esports