Peanut talks about the future and his plans

In an interview, Han “Peanut” Wang-ho spoke about his departure from Gen.G and reflected on the challenges of the... | 29. November 2023

In an interview, Han “Peanut” Wang-ho spoke about his departure from Gen.G and reflected on the challenges of the past season. After a disappointing performance at Worlds 2023, Peanut decided to make changes to improve his performance and explore new opportunities.

The departure from Gen.G marks the end of a long-term commitment, but Peanut leaves the team with the joy of having given the fans three championships. He emphasizes that this departure is more pleasant compared to the previous time he left Gen.G.

Self-confidence and team cohesion at Gen.G

In terms of his time at Gen.G, Peanut talks about how he gained confidence and created a positive atmosphere within the team. His actions, not only as a player, but also by supporting the bot duo and traveling together in the off-season, have given the team an added sense of cohesion. Despite the disappointment at Worlds, Peanut emphasizes that last year was successful, especially with the LCK win and the triple triumph despite significant roster changes.

Peanut has provided insight into his decision to leave Gen.G, explaining that it is not based on discomfort or dislike of the team, but a need for change and personal growth. He shares that he has received offers from several teams and has made the decision to join an ambitious team that supports his ambitious goals.

Peanut’s career goals and future plans

The experienced player also talks about his career prospects and how his view of the end of his career, especially in terms of age, has changed. Initially, he thought about a possible retirement at the age of 27-28, but the impressive performance of older players like Faker and Deft has changed his perspective. Peanut now plans to stay active as long as possible.

In terms of his future, Peanut has clear goals: To win ten championships like Faker and lift the coveted trophy at Worlds at least once. He emphasizes that a win at the Worlds would be a kind of enlightenment for him and would lead to him letting his tears run free.

Peanut closes the interview by thanking his fans and announcing that he will be playing in Korea next year for a team aiming for the championship. He promises to work hard and hopes that all the fans stay happy. Peanut is confident about his future challenge and is looking forward to meeting the expectations of his fans.

Header: @lolPeanut98 | Twitter