Faker breaks a new record in LCK

There is no doubt that to mention the name Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok is to talk about the best player... Eduardo | 21. January 2023

There is no doubt that to mention the name Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok is to talk about the best player in the history of League of Legends. What this extraordinary Korean player has achieved cannot be described in words. No matter how many years go by, facing Faker is the dream of any professional League of Legends player.

Over the years, this player has set different records that have taken him to the top of the history books of this esports. On the morning of January 20, Faker broke the last record he had yet to break in the LCK.

Faker breaks the league record in assists

After a tough loss at Worlds 2022, considered by many to be the best of all time, Faker and T1 are back at it again in the new year. Despite doubts about his renewal, the Korean midlaner extended his contract with the team and managed to keep the roster complete.

The only record Faker had yet to break was the most assists in the league’s history, and he has done it. He has totaled 4,143 assists, surpassing Kang “GorillA” Beom-Hyun. This feat is achieved by the Korean player in his team’s game against KT Rolster.

GorillA is Dplus KIA’s coach and has played as Support for almost eight years for teams such as ROX Tigers, Longzhu Gaming, Misfits Gaming, and SANDBOX Gaming.

Faker celebrates ten years as a professional

This 2023 season is very special for Korean players. It is when he celebrates ten years as a professional player and, more importantly, defends the same team. Although T1 has undergone several changes, the Korean midlaner has always played under his banner. If things do not change, he will remain under contract with the organization, especially after renewing his contract last November.

T1 struggled to take the victory against KT Rolster, as the first map was won by a KT Rolster, who surprised everyone. However, T1 would blow out the other two maps and add a win to his locker. Faker closed out the series with a KDA ratio of 13 kills, two kills, and 12 assists. This makes it more evident that Faker’s legend will be around for many years.

In addition, with the kills he got in this match, Faker surpasses his record and places himself with 2700 on the LCK all-time list.

Below, we show you the LCK historical kill chart

  • Faker (2700)
  • Deft (2251)
  • Ruler (2152)
  • Teddy (1881)
  • BDD (1699)
  • PraY (1685)
  • Bang (1679)
  • Kuro (1556)
  • Score (1509)
  • Ghost (1487)

Faker only needed two sets in 2023 to break two records in a single day.

Header: Fernando Decillis | Riot Games